Vocal coach

Charlotte Canoot is a vocal coach and singer with a strong ambition and drive who has been a fixture within the MTV team for five years. 10 years ago she entered Mind The Voice as a young singer and six years later she was intensively trained as a singing coach within Mind The Voice under the wings of Tiffany. After more than 10,000 hours of teaching and having been taught the Mind The Voice vision from the start, she assists both beginners and advanced students in their musical journey! Pop, rock, musical, jazz, but also dance, r & b, … fall under Charlotte’s specialization in light music. She uses her experience as a front & backing singer with various cover bands (The Radio Stars, Hammertime, Rebounce, 2.Charlie,…) every day during performance coaching and / or intensive singing and voice training. She also translates her experience as a stand-in for camera rehearsals in TV programs flawlessly into singing lessons.

She also assisted Tiffany as an assistant vocal coach on the VTM program “The Band 2017”. Charlotte is in charge of the Star For A Week camp & Bootcamps within Mind The Voice. Under the motto: “The Sky Is Definitely NOT the limit”, she continues to train to gain new insights. She participated actively in the voice research for the Mind The Voice method on voice effects and voice registers together with Tiffany Veys, Kris Van Roy and Dr. Mieke Moerman in the AZ Maria Middelares in Ghent. In addition, she specializes even more in speech therapy through the specialization O.M.F.T. (oro-myofunctional therapy, abnormal oral habits) in Hilversum. With her enthusiastic approach you are immediately at the right place with this fresh wind! Her motto? “It’s all about passion!”



  • Mind The Voice Authorized Vocal Coach since 2015.
  • Assistant Vocal Coach “The Band 2017” (VTM, FOX TV).
  • Private vocal coaching at Mind The Voice of candidates in preparation and during the following TV programs / shows: The Voice Van Vlaanderen, The Voice Kids, Ketnet Musical, …
  • Counseling students of kindergarten / primary school teachers.
  • In-house Vocal Workshops at Mind The Voice.


  • Vocal Coach / Songwriter / backing vocals / piano accompaniment for various artists within Mind The Voice.
  • Front singer and backing vocals of various bands.
  • Private singing lessons since 2008 at Mind The Voice.
  • Classical piano, AMV, … (Academy Aalter).
  • Private lessons piano (Luda Akopian, Peter Heremans, Tiffany Veys, …)


  • Speech therapy course for chronic cough complaints (2019, Zwolle, NL).
  • Training manual facilitation of the larynx (2019, Uden, NL).
  • In-depth course in Kinesio taping for the voice (2018, The Hague).
  • In-depth training O.M.F.T. & dentistry (2018, Hasselt).
  • Training to become a massage therapist (2018-2019, Aalst).
  • Training trigger point massage (2018, Leuven).
  • Basic training in Kinesio taping for the voice (2018, The Hague).
  • Basic training O.M.F.T. (oro-myofunctional therapy, abnormal oral habits) (2018, Hilversum).
  • Training “Vocal coach” in the Mind The Voice method.
  • Refresher courses, refresher courses Mind The Voice method. (2015 – 2016, 2017 – 2018).