Hi there and welcome in this free vocal course about the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer! In this vocal course I will learn you how to use this wonderful vocal tube. It's the only vocal tube with 15 levels of vocal training on it, so you really can use it for every possible objective: PRERESET (= restore and relax your voice)RESET (= ACTIVATE your speaking or singing voice)UPGRADE (= OPTIMIZE your voice, create vocal effects) Later in this course you will get a workout for both, prereset, reset AND upgrade mode! So what are you waiting for? Let's start the magic! Tiffany


Singing Gym


Your favourite vocal workout station! Welcome Singing Gymmer! Happy to meet you here again! I'm Tiffany, your vocal coach and personal trainer in one, and I'm ready to kick off, 'cause I have 11 awesome vocal video workouts for you, to train your voice in different popsounds & techniques. But first, some necessary information :) All the workouts are categorised in the 3 different voice modes: prereset, reset and upgrade mode. PRERESET = relax and restore your voice to get your voice (back) in shape!RESET = activate your speaking and singing voiceUPGRADE = train your different popsounds like twang, belting, [...]

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