A full-body treatment

Where I restore your mind, body, emotions, and energy to their original “factory settings”.

Through the “factory settings” treatment, I facilitate the body’s natural healing process and reawaken its innate ability to restore balance. This comprehensive approach targets multiple layers of the body, addressing the physical aspects (muscles, tissues, nervous system, and craniosacral system) as well as the emotional, mental, and energetic dimensions.

Physical, emotional, mental, and energetic – all in one.

Imagine your body as a harmonious vertical line, comprising interconnected horizontal segments. From your pelvic floor to your diaphragm, jaw, hyoid bone, and skull, each segment influences the one above and below. Through a comprehensive “factory reset” approach, I address your entire being: body, emotions, mindset, and energy pathways. Working on multiple levels, I target various structures like muscles, fascia, bones, nervous system, and organs, all with the aim of restoring you to your optimum state of health and well-being.


On/Off switch

Back to default-mode.

It is possible to restore a body to a state of optimal health. Many illnesses and symptoms stem from prolonged stress reactions, which can trigger a fight-flight-freeze response. However, your cellular memory holds the knowledge of being in harmony. The Factory Reset reactivates this memory, putting your body back into the “on-stand” mode, facilitating a return to its innate balance and well-being.



Yet incorporating energy pathways

What sets this treatment apart and makes it highly effective is its comprehensive approach that extends beyond the physical aspect. It delves into the emotional and mental beliefs that have been stored in your body for years, leading to tensions and internal stress. As a result, you may find yourself relying heavily on your mind and rationality to achieve your goals, which can be successful but may not unlock your full potential.

Now, imagine what happens when you connect your mind with your body. A new level of self-assurance, resilience, and assertiveness emerges. The Factory Reset is the key to unlocking this untapped potential within you. By addressing the whole mind-body connection, it empowers you to experience a profound transformation, unleashing your pure self-confidence and inner strength.


After the treatment

What does the treatment exactly do?

By taking the body out of the “fight-flight-freeze” mode, the self-healing capacity of your body takes charge. After the treatment, you will experience a range of wonderful benefits:

  1. Increased energy and vitality.
  2. Enhanced emotional resilience and stress resistance.
  3. A profound sense of calmness, alignment, grounding, and stability.
  4. Prolonged and noticeable relaxation in the neck and shoulder region compared to a regular treatment.
  5. Unrestricted, deep, and relaxed breathing.
  6. Reduced digestive discomfort as the stomach and abdominal area relax.
  7. Relief from stress-related symptoms like jaw pain, breathing difficulties, hyperventilation, tinnitus, headaches, migraines, and more.
  8. A relaxed pelvic area contributing to an overall feeling of well-being.
  9. A clearer and sharper mind, promoting a sense of balance.
  10. Increased self-assurance as “negative” stored tensions in the body are released to some extent.
  11. Improved sleep quality and enhanced recovery.
  12. Enhanced flexibility and improved mobility throughout your body.
  13. Enhanced body posture and alignment.
  14. A stronger immune system and overall improved health.
  15. Enhanced vocal capabilities.

These remarkable benefits stem from the holistic nature of the treatment, which reinstates your body’s natural equilibrium and unlocks its full potential for healing and well-being.