Hi there!

Welcome at the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer free online vocal course! Happy to meet you here.

In this vocal course I will spoil you with a lot of interesting information about this wonderful vocal trainer. I’m already convinced about this magical vocal tube, but I am pretty sure that when you also manage it to use it properly, you will be amazed at the good results you can achieve with the trainer!

So let’s go!

Why the SOVT-Trainer?

To use your voice intensively is top sport. Essential is daily, regular and good vocal training, consisting of vocal relaxation, vocal warmups and intensive high level training to get your voice in the best shape!

Mind The Voice makes the difference between:
● PRERESET (relax and restore your voice)
● RESET (activate your speaking and singing voice)
● UPGRADE (optimise your voice to create unique vocal effects)

We created a vocal product that allows you to train no less than 15 different levels on 1 single tube.
One trainer that you can use for all of the vocal exercises that you need to do for the three different voice levels. It’s so easy to use, it’s use depends on the objective of YOUR training!


Mind The Voice opts for a sustainable climate and therefore wanted to introduce a new design for straw phonation. So the SOVT-Trainer is re-usable, easy to clean and made from sustainable high-quality stainless steel. On top of that the material is safe and approved for usage.

Nice, ha? 😉