You’re in voice trouble.


Let’s tackle it.

First of all: ask yourself:

  • Are you mentally tense? Tired?
  • Are you anxious about losing your voice?
  • Have you had strong emotions in the past few days?
  • Do you have tension around the neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, abdomen…?

Vocal fatigue is when the muscles of your voice tire out. And by this I mean not only the vocal muscles, but the entire body. Both your mindset and your body affect your voice. You can maybe recognise it on your voice by a reduction in endurance, poor voice quality, a reduction in loudness control,…, but in fact it is a sign (cry for help) of the whole physical and mental system.

Your voice is much more than your vocal cords: it’s influenced by the well-being of your body and mindset.


If you feel that your body and mind are tense, first do the vocal stretch and vocal massage. After these videos, you will feel much more relaxed. Then it’s the right time to restore your voice with this wonderful first aid vocal rescue.

In this first aid VOCAL rescue I will mainly focus on the vibration of your VOCAL cords. Your vocal cords need a good closure to have a clear voice so I will do 4 incredible exercises with you, guys!

Check out the introduction video and let’s start to rescue your VOICE!