Hellooo my dear Singing Gymmer!

Yep. You certainly are a vocal freak when you clicked on this lesson. ‘Cause ad-libs are no less than the top of the bill for vocalists! 😉

Another word for ad-libs is “runs” or “riffs”. If you wanna learn to nail riffs, you really need a good vocal agility. That’s why a good mobility of your voice box is essential. Therefore, be sure to check out the vocal massage video to reduce possible tension around your voice box.

Also very important to have no limits on your ad-libs, is giving a good breath support. For ad-libs, we focus more on the plexus and/or the pyramidalis muscle. Activate them (push them outwards) while singing a riff, if you master this technique, you will hear that you will get a better sound.

If you’re a beginner, I will give you some important vocal tips in this introduction video! Also for beginners, start doing the Ad-libs “start to run” first, and only proceed to the “advanced” video when you feel confident enough about it.

Enjoy the runzzzz…