Woohoow! Time for head voices!

What is the difference between head voices and chest voice?

Yes! The vibration of your vocal cords!

  • Chest voice: full closure of the vocal chords
  • Head voice: only vibration of the vocal lips

Now, bad head voices are usually characterised as a too breathy voice, or singing with too much air pressure or downward pressure on the throat.

But no worries, Tiff to the rescue…! 😉

To avoid too breathy voices, pressure on the throat, or even too much air pressure, I use the one and only, the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer. And I upgrade my exercises with the SOVT-Trainer to level 15.

Side note: If you wanna learn how to use the SOVT-Trainer, check out our other vocal course. There you will find 3 different vocal workouts. In this case, you can do the “reset” and/or “upgrade” workout.

Another great tip to upgrade your head voices is to train your twang! Twang helps to close your vocal folds. So if you wanna switch effortlessly between chest voice and head voice, without a break, train your vocals with more twang. How? Do the twang gang workout with me, and/or train with the SOVT-Trainer on level 12 – 15!

Allright, enough for now, it’s time to train!

Check out the introduction video below first and let’s go!