My Singing Gymmer!

From now on, singing will never ever be the same again, ’cause I will introduce you to the Mind The Voice SHOUT. First, watch the introduction video below!

Yep, this sounds like heaven! But let me repeat it once again, to get it all clear!

The SHOUT technique is a mind + body + voice technique that has 4 important advantages:

  • It decreases any tension around the throat
  • It boosts your vocal power and volume
  • It’s the true foundation of a resonant voice
  • It’s one of the most efficient techniques that we can use to switch easily to vocal effects like belting, growl, distortion

Now. A short #DIY for your first shout on “WOW”:

  • Stand in upgrade position
  • Knees loose
  • Activate your feet, lower back and neck
  • Move backwards while making a WOW– or YAY-sound
  • Project your sound backwards, between your earline and throatline, called the vocal chamber
  • Don’t forget to activate the cheeks

It’s very important that you visualise (mind) and move (body) backwards at the same time, this will help your voice becoming free, without any forward or downward tension on the throat.

A good tool to “find the shout” and so also the vocal chamber, is by doing sirens on fifths or eights with the SOVT-Trainer on the highest levels you can (check it out on the free vocal course of the SOVT-Trainer). Project in the shout zone. If your sirens “block” or don’t work, it means that you give too much forward tension. If it works, you’re doing it great. Easy, but such a good test for your voice!

REMINDER: it is called the Mind The Voice SHOUT because we find the shout at first by shouting a WOW, but afterwards you need to be able to do this technique on EVERY VOLUME, also soft volume!

Now, let’s do the shout workout!