Time to relaxxxx. ‘Cause self care is how we take our power back!

Put on something comfy and hop on your mat for a 10 minutes vocal stretch with me!

It’s gonna be refreshing and recharging for your mind, body and voice!

  • Forward neck stretch
  • Hand on the sternum, tilt your head away from a side until a gentle stretch is felt
  • Neck side bends
  • Rotation of the head
  • Looking over the shoulder to a side
  • Upper back stretch
  • Stretch of the shoulder blades
  • Spinal stretches
  • Spinal rotations
  • Tongue & facial stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Body stretch
  • Walking like a mummie
  • Roll up the spine
  • Shake it off

Now, let’s take off for this lovely vocal stretch!