Now, what about the levels of this wonderful voice saviour?

Let me tell you all about it!

The Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer consists of 4 holes of 2mm diameter. Singing through a normal tube or straw give resistance and therefore oral pressure to the vocal folds, causing a better vocal fold closure. Now, the more holes you close off with the SOVT-Trainer, the more you upper the levels of SOVT-Trainer and the more resistance you will get. The more resistance you get, the more you reduce lung pressure and throat tension. This will give an ideal ratio between lung pressure and oral pressure. On top of that, you will need more twang to be able to sing through the highest levels of resistance. And twang is the setting that helps you to hit high notes better. (More about twang in the next lessons)

Are you still following? 😉

Now, let’s have a closer look at the levels!

White bullets = open holes, black bullets, closed holes with the fingers.

  • Level 1 = singing through the basic level of the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer, all the holes are open.
  • Level 2 – 5 = closing off 1 hole
  • Level 6 – 11 = closing off 2 holes
  • Level 12 – 15 = closing off 3 holes

The higher you go up in level, the more twang you’ll need, and the more you’ll need full vocal & breath control.

Now, I also want you to have a closer look with me at the levels with which we close off the same amount of holes. I want to explain it to you on level 12 and level 15. You probably notice that you close off the 3 last holes on the trainer on level 12 and the 3 first holes on the trainer on level 15:

  • Level 12 = closing off the 3 last holes = your SOVT-Trainer is shorter.
  • Level 15 = closing off the 3 first holes = your SOVT-Trainer is longer.

When you shorten the SOVT-trainer, the breath flow will go easier than when you make it longer. Sounds logical, ha?

This is how we build up the difficulty levels of the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer! So, by closing off the holes in different combinations, there will be no less than 15 possible levels of resistance to train your voice with.

Check out the video below about the 15 levels! And then you’re totally ready to train your first exercises with me!