Yummy, let’s start with the nice part! We gonna have some practice! 🙂

Are you ready to start using the SOVT-Trainer? I certainly do! So come on, let’s go!

First of all: The SOVT-Trainer has already been cleaned prior to sale, but make it a habit to always rinse it off before use.

  • Stand or sit stable and upright. Activate the neck. (activating the neck will reduce tension around the throat)
  • Hold the SOVT-Trainer upright in front of your lips.
  • Enclose the SOVT Trainer with your lips in an /o/ position.
  • Place the tip of the tongue behind your lower teeth.
  • Relax your cheeks and make them chubby, this is called the passive mouth position. (later on we will practice upgrade exercises in an active position)
  • Sing through the trainer and ensure that no air escapes through the lips and/or nose.
  • Pinche your nose to double check if you are nog singing nasally.
  • Project your sound in the SHOUT zone.
  • Note the sound-air ratio. Do you hear that your sound sounds breathy? Then increase your level, so that you have more resistance. Because of this the SOVT-Trainer will help you improve your breath control. Don’t push loudly while singing through the SOVT-Trainer. The SOVT-Training exercise works the best if you sing softly.
  • So I repeat it once again, your sound does not have to be loud. It is a voice exercise that does not require much volume. If you sing high, sing with your head voice. Yes, even if you want to improve your chest voice. The SOVT-Trainer helps you to close your vocal folds better, improves your twang setting and your breath support. All these advantages will improve both your chest and head voice.
  • What you need to remember is that the main objectives are to close your vocal cords for a clear voice, to improve your breath support and stability, and to reduce throat tension. You will notice that your voice sounds warm, resonant and relaxed after using the SOVT-Trainer.

Check it out on the video below!