Singing Gym to the rescue! Let’s give you nourishing vocal exercises for your vocal cords.

We’re gonna do 4 wonderful SOVT-Exercises for your voice.

For people, who don’t know yet what “SOVT” means, it’s the abbreviation for “Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract”, this means that when you make a sound through a tube, the vocal tract will be semi-occluded, causing a counter-pressure. Because of this, you will get better vocal cords closure. So if your voice sounds breathy, raspy, strained, creaky,… these are THE exercises for you! Wanna learn more about SOVT and the SOVT-Trainer? Check out our free vocal course!

  1. SOVT-Bubbles
  2. Liprolls
  3. SOVT-Trainer
  4. Tongue humming

Never forget to use your 4 buttons:

  1. Stability (sit or stand stable, a good grounding is necessary for a healthy voice)
  2. Breath support (your belly goes in during the exercises, flanks and lower back are activated)
  3. Space (take your space mentally, upper your uvula and soft palate physically)
  4. Projection (project your sound in the shout zone, if you feel that your voice is tense)

Now, let’s start! Grab a bottle of water, your SOVT-bubbles, and your SOVT-Trainer to restore your voice with us!


  • SOVT- BUBBLES (silicone tube, with the length: 30 – 35cm, and a diameter of 9-12 mm) bottle of water, half filled with water
  • Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer