Ladies & gents, boys & girlsss, here we are again for a wonderful head voice workout routine!

Let’s have a look at what’s on the program:

  • Closing our vocal folds with the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer, on level 6 (closing off the two lower holes)
  • Singing on “WOOHOO’
  • Ascending and descending riff on “HOO”
  • Same riff on a twangsetting on “NJE” OR “NAY” (you may choose what fits best for your twangy vocals!), and on “YEAH”
  • Riff on “HOO”

I will sing it in the video, but I will write it down here too, so that you NEVER EVER FORGET IT.

Activate your cheeks

Sing above the earline

Visualise you singing “straight” up

To keep that space

Okay then. Now I’m curious if you’re going to remember it until the end of this video… Keep me posted 😉



GUYSSS, I’ve also thought of you, with this head voice routine in the male pitch 😉