Vocal Coach

From an early age, Phaedra’s passion has been on stage. To work with all that passion, she studied Musical at the Brussels Conservatory. As a musical artist she has already had some great experiences, including several musicals, singing for several years at Scala & The Kolacny Brothers and a few smaller projects. From these experiences she has learned that pleasure on stage and authenticity are the keys to creating a beautiful performance and moving an audience.

That is something she would like to pass on in coaching others. Being able to stir up that stage pleasure and go and search of their own voice and style together, in order to create a piece of magic on a stage. It’s something she can’t get enough of. After her artistic training, she followed a teacher training course to deepen herself in teaching and coaching. In this course she learned that besides teaching professional knowledge, it is even more important that a student feels good about himself. She has made it her mission to watch over this in every lesson she teaches or every project she coaches.



  • Mind The Voice Vocal Coach since 2020.
  • Musical teacher and choreographer at Musicalia, Asse (since 2017)
  • Contemporary dance and classical ballet teacher at the Asse Arts Academy (2017-2020)
  • Musical direction and performance coaching for several musical camps
  • Individual game coaching
  • Teacher music initiation for Taste Art vzw (2017-2019)


  • Singer at Scala & the Kolacny Brothers (2015-2019)
  • Musical actress in: Rapunzel the fairytale musical, Sleeping Beauty the fairytale musical, Bloodbrothers, Charlie Brown the musical and Fireman Sam the great camping adventure (2016-2020)
  • Singer for several freelance projects
  • Vocal coach at Mind The Voice (since 2020)
  • Bachelor Musical obtained at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (2017)
  • Teacher diploma obtained at CVO Province of Antwerp (2020)
  • Music theater preparatory education at Codarts University of the Arts (2013)
  • Preparatory year Musical followed at the Kunsthumaniora in Brussels (2013)
  • Preparatory year Musical followed at the Kunsthumaniora in Antwerp (2012) Graduated in singing at the municipal academy for music, word and dance Buggenhout (2011)