Mind The Voice is Belgium’s leading institute for vocal performers with as core philosophy the link between voice, body and mind.

The power of the Mind The Voice philosophy is that it connects “voice”, “mind” and “body”. Mind The Voice links singing with your mindset and your body setting. That way you immediately create full control over your voice in all its facets. Singing lessons at Mind The Voice is much more than just “learning to sing” or “singing lessons”, but includes the whole package that you need as a vocalist.

My team and I train the top artists in Belgium as well as very young talent and everything in between! Do you have no ambition to sing professionally but is it “just for fun”? Even then you are very welcome with us, because singing makes you happy, so you should do it often and a lot!

Welcome to the family!

“You can’t coach vocal cords, but what you can coach is a mindset and a body setting.”

Tiffany Veys, Head vocal coach


We offer individual vocal coaching IRL or online.

IRL: address: Mind The Voice, Lippeloseweg 44, in Puurs-Sint-Amands (Belgium).

Online: we send you an invitation link for ZOOM.

Sessions can be scheduled from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


An hour of private singing lessons at Mind The Voice costs €65. When you choose a subscription of 10 lessons, you get a discount of €50. We plan the appropriate data with you.

VOCAL COACHING WITH TIFFANY VEYS An hour of private vocal coaching with Tiffany Veys costs €70. When you choose a subscription of 10 lessons, you get a discount of €50. We plan the appropriate data with you.

Lessons are scheduled via or +32/(0)3/298.04.94 or the contact form.

You can choose between a single lesson or a subscription. 

Every payment is settled in cash immediately after the end of the lesson. (cash or bancontact) No tuition fees will be refunded.

Need an invoice? No problem. Bring your data to your session.

If you have booked a lesson, the lesson can only be canceled when we find a replacement for your booked lesson moment. If you cannot come to class, try to let us know as soon as possible by mail to by telephone (+32/

If you cancel a lesson within 24 hours of your lesson moment, the lesson will be charged automatically. A lesson canceled by Mind The Voice will of course be moved to a new date.


  • Be on time. The coaching starts and ends at a pre-agreed hour.
  • Bring scores and teaching materials if you want to save ‘search’ time during the coaching.
  • Every singing student gets a personal “drive” on which we share the student info, as well as exercises, instrumental versions, scores etc.
  • Planning new lessons is done during class or by email.
Worldwide the most complete vocal trainer with no less than 15 levels of vocal training on it!

    Tiffany Veys and her team at Mind The Voice are ready help you to take your voice to the next level!

    The MTV Method is trusted by many local and international artists such as Oscar and the Wolf, Bazart, Metejoor, Coely, Camille DhontJasper Steverlinck, Helmut Lotti, Olivia Trappeniers, Evil Invaders, Ramkot, William Boeva and many more!


    All coaches within Mind The Voice work according to the Mind The Voice philosophy, naturally while retaining their own background, character, experience and identity.

    Tiffany Veys
    Tiffany Veys
    Founder – Vocal Coach – Artist Coach
    Mona Van Bever
    Mona Van Bever
    Vocal Coach
    Finlay Van Wymeersch
    Finlay Van Wymeersch
    Vocal Coach
    Marieke Bresseleers
    Marieke Bresseleers
    Vocal Coach
    Laura Verschooten
    Laura Verschooten
    Vocal Coach
    Dani Hart
    Dani Hart
    Vocal Coach

    Tiffany is so much more than a vocal coach. And she’s probably the best at that! She sees how body and mind must work together to make you the best singer you can be and works towards that. Honestly, she’s the one I call when I have that moment of panic, which we all know as singers. And then she does her magic and makes you sing better than before.

    “Tiffany’s lessons are a perfect balance between using the voice correctly and training the mindset. I have always only used my voice to a limited extent, but with the Mind The Voice method I can now get a lot more out of my voice. Tiffany’s mix of know-how, dedication and winning mentality was ideal for me.”

    “Singing isn’t just technique, Tiffany’s holistic approach has helped me work on chronic hyperventilation, leading to greater range and control of my voice. Oh, and she’s a lot of fun too, which always helps to be more comfortable reaching for notes you’ve learned you can’t.”

    “Joining Mind The Voice was the best decision I’ve ever made for my voice. Tiffany Veys showed me a lot of technical exercises on how to sing without losing my voice. And also on how to relax my mind and body as well to be able to hit the right notes without overthinking that I’m going to fail. Singing with this method is an amazing experience.”

    “Tiffany makes you believe in your own strength. It shows you that you are even stronger than you ever thought and gives your confidence a boost.
    Moreover, she gives the best voice massages to connect body, voice & mind.”


    “I have worked with several other vocal coaches before and I have to say that the way Mind the Voice combines vocal techniques with mindset exercises and physical stress relief is without a doubt the best possible way to coach singers in any genre.”


    “I have been singing for years but since being coached by Tiffany I see my potential grow enormously in an immensely short time.

    She looks for the exercises that work best for you to stimulate my technique as much as possible, because she does not believe in limits. It gives your mindset a boost. She ensures that your body is ‘performance-ready’ and selects the exercises that suit you best as a vocal performer, so that you can turn your weaknesses into strengths.”


    “Tiffany literally saved me not only from fearing my voice wouldn’t make it on the next shows but also empowered me in visualizing i’m worthy of my power as a performer. The true wonder I needed to reduce stress, anxiety and turn my vocal chords into power muscles…”

    “I’ve been working with Tiffany since I was 14…

    Now I can sing continuously for 5 hours without any tension around my voice. My voice always stays in good shape. She also taught me how to stand on stage with confidence.”


    “Finally a vocal coach who listens to what I need as an artist!
    After all these years I have found someone who helps me really get to know my voice and my body so that I can give the best version of myself on stage.
    With Tiffany, your singing technique is tailor-made and you learn to really connect your body, mind and voice.”


    “Mind the Voice! Why didn’t I go earlier?!

    Not only has my singing improved, but I have also been coached on various skills.

    Each session with Tiffany is different and tailored to my specific needs.”