Everyone is welcome at Mind The Voice. Young, young in mind, experienced or beginner!

Mind The Voice grew as a vocal institute with its own vision, philosophy and method into an established value for top vocal coaching in Belgium.

You are welcome too at Mind The Voice! We train experienced professionals & artists as beginners as well! Singing lessons at Mind The Voice is more than just “learning to hit the notes”, but includes the whole package that you need as a singer. Do you have any ambition to sing professionally, but is it “just for fun”? Of course you are very welcome with us, because singing makes you happy!


Our lessons are individual and take place from Monday to Friday between 10am – 9pm and Saturday from 10am – 7pm and are for motivated beginners, advanced and professional singers.

At Mind The Voice, you can already take singing lessons from the age of 5. All our singing lessons take place in our singing studios at Lippeloseweg 44 in Sint-Amands.

SINGING LESSONS AT MIND THE VOICE An hour of private singing lessons at Mind The Voice costs 50 €. When you choose a 10-course series, you get a discount of 50 €. A 10-lesson series can be filled in completely freely. We plan the appropriate data with you. SINGING LESSON WITH TIFFANY VEYS An hour of private singing lessons with Tiffany Veys cost 60 €. When you choose a 10-course series, you get a discount of 50 €. A 10-lesson series can be filled in completely freely. We plan the appropriate data with you.

Lessons are scheduled via or 03 / 298.04.94 or the contact form.

You can choose between a single lesson or a subscription. You can also switch between the different MTV coaches if possible according to the schedule.

Option 1: Single Lesson

A single lesson is charged after the lesson. You can only book a single lesson at a time.

Option 2: Subscription

You would like to take singing lessons on a regular basis at a predetermined time. You then pay the 10 lessons in advance in 1 time and immediately book these 10 lessons. This way you are sure of your place and you also get a discount of 50 €.


Every payment will be settled in cash immediately after the lesson. (cash or bankcontact) You can only transfer in advance. Payment must be in the account before the start of the session.

No tuition fees will be refunded.


Need an invoice? No problem. Bring your data to your session and you will receive a summary invoice at the end of the quarter. The lesson is paid at the end of the session.


If you have booked a lesson, the lesson can only be canceled if we find a replacement for your booked lesson time. If you cannot come to your lesson, try to let us know as soon as possible by email to or telephone (

If you cancel a lesson within 24 hours of your agreed lesson time, the lesson will be charged automatically. A lesson canceled by Mind The Voice will of course be moved to a new date.


  • Be on time. The coaching starts and ends at a pre-arranged hour.
  • Always bring scores and teaching materials. That saves “searching” time during the coaching.
  • It can be useful to bring a USB stick. We can put recordings and exercises on it, which you can then practice at home.
  • Bring an SD memory card, iPad or phone. With this you can possibly record the singing lesson.
  • Every singing student is in possession of our handbook “Mind The Voice – This is how you learn to sing!”, Available at the bookstore, music store or at Mind The Voice.
  • Always take your book to class.
  • New classes are planned during class or via email.

A workbook for everyone who loves singing!

“Mind The Voice – Zo leer je zingen!!” is a complete manual and workbook to learn to sing light music. The book is linked to our website for singing exercises and to the Mind The Voice Channel for fun lesson videos to get the best out of the Mind The Voice singing method!

The exercises and techniques in the book teach you how to use your voice to sing all light music: pop, jazz, dance, r & b, country, folk, musical, French chanson, (hard) rock, Dutch music …

Besides the singing technique we also deal with the do’s and don’ts that you as a singer have to master on and off the stage and in the studio. Everyone can learn to sing! You too!

YES. From the moment you can sing along with your friends “Happy birthday” or something like that, it means that you can “take over a tone” in musical terms. This means that you are not tone deaf and you can therefore train everything. Singing “right” is a combination of well-trained hearing, dosed breathing / breathing support, relaxed throat muscles, sufficient self-confidence. “Beautiful” singing is a collaboration between the different resonance spaces in your body, in human language: learning to use your human sound box. You can decide for yourself how you want to sound: “reset” and “upgrade” your voice! First you learn to use your voice healthily in your speaking voice, then we convert your speaking voice into the singing voice you want for yourself.



    Start today with singing lessons and enjoy many benefits as a member of our family.

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