Many teachers suffer from voice fatigue after talking for a long time, resulting in hoarseness. The cause is often a wrong use of voice. Intensive use of the voice requires intensive vocal training and that is what this training offers.

A healthy voice is one thing, Mind The Voice’s vision goes deeper than that. After all, “Mind” and voice cannot be separated from each other. Your “mind” influences your “voice. The right breathing and speaking techniques, a correct mindset and a good physical condition are crucial to be in front of the class every day with enthusiasm and energy. Remember, standing in front of a noisy class can take its toll, and fatigue, stress and energy loss can quickly tempt you into using the wrong voice.

As a teacher, your voice is not only your means of communication, your voice is your instrument.

The in-service training is fully practical. During 2 hours, a small group of 15 people will work intensively on the correct breathing and speaking techniques and individual practical, experiential tips are given for each student about healthy voice use, voice color, posture, mindset, voice care and speaking in front of the class.

Tools and advice are provided to take care of the voice as well as possible. We also delve deeper into the link between voice problems and extroverts / introverts. Insight into that matter ensures that you are always one step ahead of your voice problems after following these refresher courses.

A teacher is captain of the ship called “class.”

Learn everything about body language, mindset, classroom, voice and language management in this training. Learn how to keep your class engaged.
How do I vary in voice? How do I create more voice volume? How can I spare my voice when I have a cold? What tips can I follow to keep my voice healthy? These are all questions you know the answer to after following this interesting training!

Tiffany Veys is one of the top vocal coaches in Belgium with more than 35,000 hours of individual coaching experience to her record. She is a Master in music, jazz and light music and the driving force behind the voice institute Mind The Voice, which she founded together with her husband Kris Van Roy.

She is the founder of the Mind The Voice method and (co) author of the books “Mind The Voice – How to learn to sing!” (Lannoo 2012) and “De Stembijbel” (Mind The Voice 2015). She inspires and coaches speakers, artists in the making and professional singers every day to their ultimate goal.

In addition, she is a guest teacher “Voice coaching” at the Thomas Moore Hogeschool Mechelen (LEON) and she gives weekly workshops and refresher courses “Voice training” in schools and comprehensive schools all over Flanders for teachers. She also gives training courses, master classes and lectures about the Mind The Voice methodology for speech therapists & vocal coaches in Flanders and the Netherlands, with the link between voice, body & mind as core topic. She works with Dr. Mieke Moerman for voice research on the Mind The Voice method and, together with her husband Kris Van Roy, leads the Mind The Voice team consisting of vocal coaches, speech therapists, psychologist, physiotherapist, osteopath, producers and songwriters.

The cost for a 2-hour training is 350 € (ex VAT) + transport costs to the location and back.

We would be happy to make a suitable offer for you, email us without obligation to info@mindthevoice.be or fill in the contact form below.


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