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Record your vocals @ home!

December 27th, 2021|0 Comments

Record your vocals at home! .   How about improving your recording skills? 😉   Being able to record your voice yourself in your home studio is really the ultimate goal for every [...]

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From A to Artist

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Health to the Voice!

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How to Sing! #diy

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Mind – Voice – Body

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Vocal Stuff #vocalfreak

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Who am I?

Who am I? I am Tiffany Veys, an unmistakable vocal freak & vocal nerd. Founder & head vocal coach of the largest singing institute in Belgium: Mind The Voice, author of the book “Mind The Voice. This is how you learn to sing!” and co-author of the book “De Stembijbel”, co-founder of the Mind The Voice SOVT trainer, and pioneer of his own methodology with the core philosophy: the link between voice, body & mind. As a true voxaholic, I love to spend the very little free time I have left on this singing blog, which I have given the name Singing Mag! My passions for singing, music, songwriting, performing, the psychology behind humans, yoga, mindset, meditation have become the most ideal profession for me, namely vocal coach. And by this I don’t mean “vocal coach”, but “vocal” and “coach”. Being a coach means building artists & performers from the foundation to the very highest level according to their potential.

My limit is beyond the sky.

Singing is top sport. As a (top) athlete you will be guided by a personal coach. But singers also need + deserve top vocal coaching with that little bit more. Techniques from sports, physiotherapy, personal coaching, … I love to combine techniques from psychology, with wisdom and philosophy of life, and then link that back to the incredibly interesting profession as a vocalist on stage: performing, singing technique, interpretation, emotion, acting, … In singing I am completely intrigued in everything you can possibly perform with the voice. I love to coach vocal effects such as beltings, distortions, screams, grunts, & growls, because I like to color outside the lines.

I don’t want to copy paste. I am looking for what makes an artist, a voice, a mind unique.

I then musically convert that uniqueness into their own personal sound. Therefore my mission: I must and will trigger singers & speakers to get the best out of themselves!

‘I strive for excellence so that singers can reach their full potential.’