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July 18th, 2022|Comments Off on 10 MIN YOGA FOR THE VOICE WORKOUT

SINGINGMAG 10 MIN YOGA FOR THE VOICE WORKOUT If you want to be immersed in exercises for the mind and body that influence your voice, you should definitely take the [...]

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Who am I?

Who am I? I’m Tiffany Veys, voxaholic from the very beginning! Founder & head vocal coach of Mind The Voice, author of the dutch books “Mind The Voice. Zo leer je zingen!” and “De Stembijbel”, co-founder of the Mind The Voice SOVT trainer, and pioneer of an own vocal approach with as core philosophy: the link between voice, body & mind.

I am an entrepreneur, happily married to an equally passionate soul and entrepreneur as me, Kris Van Roy, co-founder of Mind The Voice. Mind The Voice is -together with Wolf44– one of the “mother projects” of many other projects. Because, without projects, I ‘m not happy. Not because I’m chasing my ambition and living in the future. No! I love to live in the “NOW” and enjoy every second of it. I like projects because I was born with a tremendous urge to create. And creation means “process”. And a process is always evolving. You are never “really” finished writing a song, a methodology, a book, developing ideas.

I have turned my passion into my profession. In this way my life never feels like “work”. I have bundled my passions for singing, music, songwriting, performing, the psychology behind people, yoga, mindset, healing, sports and meditation in my profession as a “holistic” vocal coach. And not vocal coach in the traditional sense of the word. I am mainly a “coach” for (vocal) performers and artists, but also sometimes for DJs, entrepreneurs, business leaders. As long as I can coach, inspire and guide creative people in reaching their highest potential.

My limit is beyond the sky.

Singing is top sport. As a (top) athlete you will be guided by a personal coach. I want to be that trainer who gets the best out of a voice and an artist. Making the difference. Integrating echniques from sports, physiotherapy, personal coaching,… into vocal coaching. I like to combine techniques from psychology, with life wisdom & philosophy, with my “vocal magic”, and then link that back to the extremely interesting profession as a vocalist on stage: performing, singing technique, interpretation, emotion, acting,…

I am also very intrigued by everything you can possibly perform with the voice. Vocal effects such as beltings, distortions, screams, grunts, & growls just because I like to create unique voices.

I don’t want to do a copy-paste. I look for what makes an artist, a voice, a mind unique.

I live from passion and with a mission! My mission is to inspire vocalists to get the best out of themselves. Not to limit yourself. To shine.

“I strive for excellence so that singers can reach their full potential.”

Tiffany Veys, Head vocal coach