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PLAN A (Punch Keynote: 15-20 minutes)

Imagine your ideal life where anything is possible. What others think about you becomes irrelevant, as it’s your own thoughts that shape the trajectory of your life. You are the true “creator” of your own reality, setting the rules for your unique journey.

“Your voice reflects who you are” (Keynote: 45-50 minutes)

…Or how your voice becomes a reflection of your body and mind. In this inspiring keynote, explore how your voice is influenced by your mindset and physical state, and how it reveals various aspects of your personality, such as the inclination towards people-pleasing or the drive for achievement. Get ready for an engaging experience where passive listening is not an option. You will be encouraged to actively participate, unlocking the true potential of your voice. Discover how your voice can be a powerful instrument for self-expression, courage, and empowerment.


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Business workshops

Voice Coaching without the “Blabla” (Corporate Workshop: 2 hours)

Step away from the ordinary “voice coaching” as this workshop is tailor-made for companies, blending a top sports mentality with effective mind/body techniques favored by top Belgian artists.

In this groundbreaking vocal coaching workshop for businesses, I equip your team with highly efficient tools to genuinely transform their voices into powerful communication assets. Your voice is your instrument, but how can you care for it without losing precious time in your busy schedule? Following this workshop, the key is to seamlessly integrate the received tips into your professional environment. Fortunately, both your mindset and body setting impact your vocal health and tone. By making essential adjustments within these aspects, you can significantly influence your voice. Armed with personalized guidance for your unique voice, you’ll experience newfound strength and achieve your desired effects in record time.

Throughout the workshop, I conduct individual analyses of posture, muscle tone, muscle balance, and voice for each participant, and then provide targeted techniques that harmonize within the group. An indispensable workshop for those seeking to empower their voice with confidence and determination!


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Educator coaching

Speak Healthy! (1.5 hours)

As an educator, you may be familiar with the feeling of hoarseness and vocal fatigue after long days in the classroom. But imagine being able to transform your voice into a powerful and effortless instrument.

In this teacher coaching workshop, I will share practical tips to help you restore, activate, and optimize your voice, empowering you to speak with confidence as a teacher, free from vocal strain.

Your voice is your most valuable tool, and I understand the challenge of caring for it amidst your busy schedule. That’s why this coaching session focuses on providing actionable strategies that seamlessly fit into your daily routine. Through the Mind The Voice methodology and philosophy, we explore how your mindset and body alignment play a pivotal role in cultivating a strong and impactful voice. By making crucial adjustments in these areas, you not only transform your voice but also enhance your self-assurance and presence in the classroom.

Moreover, this workshop delves into the connections between vocal issues and physical discomfort such as neck pain, shoulder tension, and even digestive problems. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to overcome these obstacles and unlock the full potential of your voice.

During the coaching, I will conduct personalized assessments of posture, muscle tone, muscle balance, and voice for some teachers. Subsequently, I will provide tailored and efficient techniques that perfectly suit the needs and goals of the group. This indispensable teacher coaching offers a powerful toolkit for every educator who aims to speak with authority and passion, unburdened by vocal strain or fatigue.


Master it!


Dive Deep (Masterclass: 3 hours)

Embark on a transformative 3-hour masterclass, tailor-made for those seeking to explore the realms of holistic well-being in relation to their speaking and/or singing voice. Our journey begins with a personalized mind/body/voice analysis for each participant, setting the stage for an immersive experience.

In this masterclass, I will unveil a diverse range of potent techniques meticulously curated to suit your unique vocal identity. The power of group dynamics will grant you the exceptional opportunity to encounter five distinctive approaches, delving even further into the intricate connection between mind, body, and voice. Seamlessly harmonizing psychology, brainwork, bodywork, and voice, this masterclass presents an integrated approach to foster holistic growth and resonance.

By immersing yourself in this enriching experience, you will emerge with profound insights, empowering you to unlock the full potential of your voice and achieve holistic well-being.


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The Holistic Vocalist (The basics)

The 2-day Mind The Voice basic course is a dynamic and innovative training that equips you with essential tools and techniques to restore, activate, and optimize your voice. It explores the intricate relationship between your voice, body tone, and mindset, enabling you to address vocal issues comprehensively while elevating your vocal performances to their fullest potential. This comprehensive training is a must for any vocalist, voice coach, voice therapist, singer, or speaker seeking to unlock the true potential of their voice and gain a holistic understanding of its capabilities.


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PLAN A (Coming Soon)

What would your ideal life look like if anything were within reach? That’s the central question of the “Plan A – Retreat.” But this retreat is so much more than a simple getaway. It’s a sanctuary where we’ll reconnect, recharge, brainstorm, and ignite your inspiration and motivation to approach life differently. This is your opportunity to do things the way YOU feel is right – a chance to lead your life on YOUR own terms, both in your personal and professional spheres.

During this exclusive retreat, you’ll receive personalized Plan A coaching, moments of deep self-reflection, tailored mind & body techniques, and indulge in delicious homemade meals, all designed to cocoon you in safety, recharge your energy, and help you zoom in on your unique Plan A. It’s time to embrace the possibilities and design the life you truly deserve.

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