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Mind The Voice

At Mind The Voice, we take singing lessons and vocal coaching to unparalleled heights. It’s more than just traditional voice training or coaching; it’s about delving deeper. We focus on fostering a strong mindset and cultivating a healthy body. After all, your voice reflects your thoughts and feelings, and every aspect, from overtones to vocal challenges and breathing, provides us with valuable insights.

I’m Tiffany, and I’m here to challenge you, to coach you beyond what you thought was possible. I do that not just by focusing on the notes you sing, but on the total power and potential of your unique voice.

My approach is anything but standard: we approach singing as a top sport. We dive into the core of what’s holding you back and tackle it head-on. I listen, observe, analyze, treat you, and train you to be the voice and person you want to be. With a combination of vocal coaching, physical training, voice massages, heart coherence coaching, helicopter views, and mental strategies, we break through the barriers limiting your voice. Whether it’s fear, self-doubt, or technical hurdles, I give you the tools and techniques to address them. We look at you as the person behind the voice, and through this zoomed-out approach, we quickly and effectively resolve blockages.

I don’t just teach you how to sing; I teach you how to fully control your voice. By activating specific muscle chains combined with powerful thinking styles, I give you the keys to transform your voice into the instrument you desire. Imagine: total freedom to choose how you sound, effortlessly creating every note, every sound you desire.

Each session is an intensive process where we not only focus on how you sound but also on who you are when you sing. At Mind The Voice, we don’t just train you to sing better; we train you to be a performer who confidently stands on any stage. We focus on the whole picture and make you a singer who is not only technically skilled but also emotionally connected and physically prepared.

I’m here to show you how far you can go with the right training, the right mindset.

This holistic approach has helped many top artists find and refine their voices. But it doesn’t stop at technique. Singing lessons and vocal coaching at Mind The Voice include:

  • Vocal Reset: Sometimes, we need a fresh start, a reset that brings us back to our natural, effortless voice.
  • Vocal Sound Coaching: Discover the unique colors and textures in your voice and learn how to harness and improve them.
  • Vocal Performance Coaching: It’s not just what you sing, but how you deliver it. Learn how to use your body and voice together to give your voice and performance even more power. Performance coaching takes your stage attitude to the next level.

In short, the possibilities are endless, and I would love to let you experience them all!

Let’s break through all barriers together and let your voice shine like never before.

Tiffany Veys

“You can’t coach vocal cords,

but what you can coach

is a mindset and a body setting.”

Tiffany Veys, Founder - Vocal Coach


You are warmly welcomed to my cozy Vocal Loft and Vocal Studios, situated in the serene and picturesque Puurs-Sint-Amands, at Lippeloseweg 44 in Belgium.

My coaching sessions are available on various days, from Monday to Saturday. Scheduling sessions is most convenient through our online booking system. However, please note that there is typically an average waiting period of about 2 months.

Facing an urgent inquiry? Dealing with an acute vocal issue or other pressing matters? Fear not, I’ve got your back. You can shoot an email to, attention “Tiffany Veys”, and my team and I will gladly explore how we can assist you. Your voice matters, and I’m here to help!


Mijn coachingsessies zijn beschikbaar op diverse dagen, van maandag tot en met zaterdag. Het plannen van sessies is het meest handig via ons online boekingssysteem. Houd er echter rekening mee dat er doorgaans een gemiddelde wachttijd van ongeveer 2 maanden is.

Is jouw vraag dringender? Heb je te maken met een acute stemklacht of andere urgente zaken? No worries, I have your back. Je kunt een e-mail sturen naar t.a.v. “Tiffany Veys”, en dan bekijken mijn team en ik graag hoe we dit voor jou kunnen regelen. Je stem is belangrijk, en ik ben er om te helpen!


Are you from abroad and interested in receiving coaching according to my unique methodology? That’s also possible. Even the unique approach to training your muscle memory, and so forth, I can teach you remotely through online coaching. I’ll teach you how to release your voice using manual techniques and I’ll also identify your blocks, both mental, physical, and emotional, remotely.

However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can also schedule a one-time visit to my studios for a Vocal Reset, which is even better news. This way, you’ll receive an in-person reset to kickstart the process, followed by subsequent sessions conducted entirely online. Conveniently, my studios are just 30 minutes away from Brussels Airport, making it easily accessible for you.

Furthermore, as the vocal coach of renowned artists in Belgium, I extend a warm invitation to fellow artists passing through the country. Whether you’re a national artist, from the Benelux region, or simply traveling through Belgium, you are more than welcome to schedule a Vocal Reset or Vocal Expertise session. Conveniently, my studios are just 30 minutes away from Brussels Airport, and Antwerp Sportpaleis ensuring easy access for those on the go.

You can also book me for a vocal reset on location in Belgium. This service costs €550 (excl. VAT) for a 2-hour session on location, including a massage table and all necessary equipment (excluding transportation costs).

You are assured of a fully customized journey with me. A one-hour private coaching session costs €110 (excluding VAT) and can be booked in sessions of 1 or 2 hours. It’s important to note that I work very intensively with you, and typically, you’ll need a maximum of 2 hours of coaching per month. This could mean having 1 hour of coaching every other week or 2 hours once a month. During these sessions, you’ll be provided with very specific strategies so that you can continue working at home and experience guaranteed results.

If you’re scheduling your first session with me, I recommend starting with a 2-hour session. During a first session, we often begin with a vocal reset, followed by addressing what we find most relevant together based on your questions, needs, and goals.

With the help of our booking system, you don’t need to determine in advance what type of coaching you require. For each session, we reassess your specific needs, and I adapt my guidance personally and in the moment, fully tailored to you.



At Mind The Voice, all payments are processed through our convenient booking system. It’s important to note that lesson fees are non-refundable.


Need an invoice? No problem at all. Simply bring your details to your session, or send your information to, and we’ll take care of it for you.


If you’ve booked a session and need to cancel, it can only be done if we find a replacement for your reserved time slot. But don’t worry, our waiting lists typically have 25-30 people per week. If you let us know in time, we usually find a replacement quickly. Please inform us as soon as possible via email to or directly to


Make sure to be on time for your coaching session, as the session starts and ends at the agreed-upon time. At Mind The Voice, we can usually arrange song lyrics and sheet music on-site for you, but if you want to save some time during coaching, you can also print them yourself. Each client receives a personal “Mind The Voice Drive” with specific information, vocal strategies, audio, and videos tailored to you. This is your personal toolkit for success!

Tiffany consistently integrates the SOVT Trainer into her methodology. Therefore, always remember to bring it to your coaching session if you prefer using your own.

The SOVT Trainer is available at Mind The Voice or can be conveniently purchased online through our shop in advance.

Tiffany is so much more than a vocal coach. And she’s probably the best at that! She sees how body and mind must work together to make you the best singer you can be and works towards that. Honestly, she’s the one I call when I have that moment of panic, which we all know as singers. And then she does her magic and makes you sing better than before.

“Tiffany’s lessons are a perfect balance between using the voice correctly and training the mindset. I have always only used my voice to a limited extent, but with the Mind The Voice method I can now get a lot more out of my voice. Tiffany’s mix of know-how, dedication and winning mentality was ideal for me.”

“Singing isn’t just technique, Tiffany’s holistic approach has helped me work on chronic hyperventilation, leading to greater range and control of my voice. Oh, and she’s a lot of fun too, which always helps to be more comfortable reaching for notes you’ve learned you can’t.”

“Joining Mind The Voice was the best decision I’ve ever made for my voice. Tiffany Veys showed me a lot of technical exercises on how to sing without losing my voice. And also on how to relax my mind and body as well to be able to hit the right notes without overthinking that I’m going to fail. Singing with this method is an amazing experience.”

“Tiffany makes you believe in your own strength. It shows you that you are even stronger than you ever thought and gives your confidence a boost.
Moreover, she gives the best voice massages to connect body, voice & mind.”


“I have worked with several other vocal coaches before and I have to say that the way Mind the Voice combines vocal techniques with mindset exercises and physical stress relief is without a doubt the best possible way to coach singers in any genre.”


“I have been singing for years but since being coached by Tiffany I see my potential grow enormously in an immensely short time.

She looks for the exercises that work best for you to stimulate my technique as much as possible, because she does not believe in limits. It gives your mindset a boost. She ensures that your body is ‘performance-ready’ and selects the exercises that suit you best as a vocal performer, so that you can turn your weaknesses into strengths.”


“Tiffany literally saved me not only from fearing my voice wouldn’t make it on the next shows but also empowered me in visualizing i’m worthy of my power as a performer. The true wonder I needed to reduce stress, anxiety and turn my vocal chords into power muscles…”

“Mind the Voice! Why didn’t I go earlier?!

Not only has my singing improved, but I have also been coached on various skills.

Each session with Tiffany is different and tailored to my specific needs.”


“Finally a vocal coach who listens to what I need as an artist!
After all these years I have found someone who helps me really get to know my voice and my body so that I can give the best version of myself on stage.
With Tiffany, your singing technique is tailor-made and you learn to really connect your body, mind and voice.”



All coaches within Mind The Voice work according to the Mind The Voice philosophy, naturally while retaining their own background, character, experience and identity.

Tiffany Veys
Tiffany Veys
Founder – Vocal Coach – Artist Coach
Laura Verschooten
Laura Verschooten
Vocal Coach
Finlay Van Wymeersch
Finlay Van Wymeersch
Vocal Coach