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Breathe in. Breathe out. Because this is how you will sound.


SINGINGMAG BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT. BECAUSE THIS IS HOW YOU WILL SOUND. You probably already knew that singing and breathing are linked. But did you know that your voice color depends on which muscle groups you engage in your breathing? Yep! you got it! It goes even further. If you have already seen our TikTok account or before/after reels on Insta, you will see that there is some "vocal magic" during my vocal coaching. I touch the singer, and he sings better. ;-) Well, I do this because activating certain muscles unlocks frequencies in the voice that [...]

Breathe in. Breathe out. Because this is how you will sound.2022-05-08T10:39:53+02:00

Record your vocals @ home!


Record your vocals at home! .   How about improving your recording skills? ;)   Being able to record your voice yourself in your home studio is really the ultimate goal for every singer. But it turns out not to be that easy for many. That's why Kris and I are happy to share some of the basic skills you need to get started recording your own voice. We immediately resumed these basic skills into 4 teaching videos, which I am very happy to share with you! Enjoy! Tiffany Choosing the right studio microphone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhJ1ciojAnI&t=3s   [...]

Record your vocals @ home!2022-03-21T11:23:47+01:00

Your real competition is your competitive mind.


SINGINGMAG WHY YOUR COMPETITIVE MINDSET IS KEEPING YOU SMALL. Do you know this kinda feeling? Easily singing the high notes in the shower, but going into a "freeze" reaction when you need to do it for an audience. The performance phenomenon that every singer is familiar with. But the opposite is true: the less hard we try to sing beautifully, the better it gets! Our competitive mind keeps us small. How exactly does this work? As I mentioned in my first book, singing is like the laws of life. Do you know the feeling that when you [...]

Your real competition is your competitive mind.2022-05-12T09:10:32+02:00

Bubbling for the voice ?! Lax Vox ?! An effective way to restore your voice!


Bubbling for the voice ?! Lax vox ?! Many singers know it, many singers use it. Bubbling through a tube is an effective way to relax and restore your voice when you have overloaded your voice or when you are sick. You may also know it under the name "Lax Vox". Lax Vox literally means "relaxation of the voice" and is a voice therapy for both speakers and singers. Bubbling is an effective holistic method to improve the biomechanical and physical process in your voice box. The method is very simple, namely singing or making sound through [...]

Bubbling for the voice ?! Lax Vox ?! An effective way to restore your voice!2021-12-06T16:14:58+01:00

YES! Everyone can learn to sing


YES! Everyone can learn to sing The key question that I must of course answer in my blogs is: “Can everyone learn to sing”? Once and for all I want to shout (healthy): YES, anyone can learn to sing! Or do you prefer something more nuanced? Then this is my answer: 97% of the population can learn to sing. The remaining 3% appears to be tone deaf. (musicality) Yep, you read that right! The 97% non-tone deaf people can therefore absolutely learn to sing, provided they learn to control the correct muscles in combination with strengthening their [...]

YES! Everyone can learn to sing2020-11-04T13:34:46+01:00

#Badass Flow Ball Workout!


#Badass Flow Ball Workout! I don't look like #badass in the picture with the ball in the air, but hey, what's in a name? ;) The Flow Ball is an efficient tool to train breathing flow & support, space and sound projection. The focus with the Flow Ball is on breathing and by training with this daily, you will notice that you learn to control your voice better while singing. You can use the Flow Ball for voice warming. Training! Stand upright and stable. Straighten your back and keep your shoulders low and [...]

#Badass Flow Ball Workout!2021-12-06T16:14:30+01:00

#Badass Yoga for the Voice Workout!


#Badass Yoga for the Voice Workout! In this blog you can read more about why yoga is oh-so-good for your sound box: your body! Before you start with the real yoga exercises it is always advisable to do a warm-up to avoid injuries. So what are you waiting for? Get your comfy clothes out of the closet and let's go! You start with this blissful warm-up! Asana's? #WTF? Asanas is another word for "postures", because the starting point of yoga is breathing in a certain posture. Each posture stimulates a specific [...]

#Badass Yoga for the Voice Workout!2021-12-06T16:13:51+01:00

A vibrator for your voice as a new best friend!?


SINGINGMAG A VIBRATOR FOR YOUR VOICE AS NEW BFF. Yes, you read that right. One of the must-haves at Mind The Voice is undoubtedly the famous “vibrating egg”, read: vibrator. I did not invent its use for the voice myself - I wish I did-, but the resourceful Canadian David Ley preceded me. Um. Yes, okay then. How? Well, simply explained: you buy a clitoral stimulator and use it to vibrate your voice muscles with :-) The reason that this item isn't yet on the market for singers is most likely because the sex industry is [...]

A vibrator for your voice as a new best friend!?2022-01-31T16:15:46+01:00

SOVT training! Difference between the SOVT-Trainer, the voice straw & bubble!


Difference between the SOVT-Trainer, the voice straw and bubble! Tube singing works miracles with the voice and is part of what is called "SOVT-Training". Anyone who is already somewhat familiar with the world of the voice has already discovered that there are different ways. Some sing through a tube in a bottle of water, others sing through straws, and a provisionally exclusive, but ever-growing group sings through the SOVT-Trainer. (the latter is a product developed by none other than my husband, Kris!) The history of the SOVT-Trainer. A few years ago I discovered the great [...]

SOVT training! Difference between the SOVT-Trainer, the voice straw & bubble!2021-12-06T16:12:56+01:00

Are you born with a beautiful voice?


Are you born with a beautiful voice? A short blog for a simple answer on a frequently asked question. "Are you born with a beautiful voice?" When "beautiful" means: powerful and healthy, yes! Read on!     A baby does a lot of things automatically healthy! Where we as adults sometimes forget how to breathe correctly, a baby actually just does it by itself. A baby breathes combined: with the belly and the chest. As the baby becomes a toddler and child, and the child becomes a teenager, he sometimes loses belly breathing. Kids are [...]

Are you born with a beautiful voice?2022-03-21T11:21:28+01:00


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