Why choose Mind The Voice?

Mind The Voice is Belgium’s Leading Institute for vocal performers, with as core philosophy: the link between mind, body and voice.

Your voice is more than just your vocal cords. Both your vocal health and your voice color are influenced by the well-being of your body and your mindset. Your “mind” affects your “voice”.

Mind The Voice chooses to put the health of your voice first. Our holistic vision, own unique method and intensive cooperation between vocal coaches, voice therapists, speech therapists, vocal producers, songwriters and an external medical team: ENT Specialist, physiotherapist, osteopath and psychologists make it possible to get the very best out of your voice!

“Be a voice, not an echo.”


Everyone is UNIQUE!

Therefore, the very first question we ask in vocal coaching is not “HOW… to reach the voice you want for yourself? ”, but“ WHO… are you and who do you want to be as a singer or singer?”.

Our approach is completely adapted to your personality, your goals, your voice.

We extend this approach in speech therapy and voice therapy sessions, as well as in singing lessons, studio recordings, accompaniment to performances and much more.

Full attention to “the person behind the voice” is the key for us to get the best out of everyone’s voice.

Belting high notes as a singer, vocal problems as a teacher, breathing problems as hyperventilation,…  All these voices are treated from a holistic point of view.

After all, if you know how to set your ‘mind’, you immediately have control over your ‘voice’.


In January 2018 we released a brand new product on the worldwide vocal market: the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer: a unique voice trainer designed by Kris Van Roy of Mind The Voice. Using your voice intensively is top sport and a good workout for the muscles is necessary if you practice top sport.

The Mind The Voice SOVT trainer is an efficient voice training tool to restore, warm up and train your voice. Therefore it offers you a complete vocal workout! The SOVT-Trainer is based on the principle of Straw Phonation or singing through a straw, and has the advantage that you can train no less than 15 levels through 1 trainer!

Be sure to take a look at our website: www.sovttrainer.com!


  • 1 recording studio with high end studio microphone (Josephson C715), pre-Amp (Dave Hills Design Europe I), Neumann Speakers, Roland piano (Juno DS88), guitars, synthesizers, vocal monitor for live training, e965 vocal microphones for live training, massage table.

  • 1 vocal studio with Roland piano (RD 700), desk, bose vocal system, sennheiser e965 vocal microphones, massage table.


  • 1 vocal studio with grand piano (Yamaha), vocal system, sennheiser e965 vocal microphones, massage table.


  • 1 performance studio with stage, light and sound system, monitors, grand piano, wireless micros, piano, indoor training, mirrors, bar and outdoor terrace.


  • Vocal Clinic with speech therapy lab / research lab + treatment room with massage tables.


  • 1 industrially equipped kitchen, to guarantee fresh, homemade in-house catering during our training & events that take place in the performance studio.



The Mind The Voice method is a clear philosophy that connects mind, body and voice, developed by top vocal coach Tiffany Veys. That philosophy is translated into vocal coaching, speech therapy sessions, singing lessons, voice treatments as well as voice recordings, songwriting and music productions. Mind The Voice strives to emphasize everyone’s uniqueness by supporting everyone’s unique VOICE.

The basic of the method is bundled in the (Dutch) books:

At Mind The Voice, the vocal and speech therapy sessions consist of the best techniques from the voice, speaking and singing world, combined with successful techniques such as core training, vocal massage, kinesiotaping, mindfulness, heart coherence training and yoga. After all, if you know how to align “mind” and “body“, you immediately have control over your “voice”.

  • Intensive vocal workouts
  • More power in your voice through core training
  • Relaxing your “vocal muscles” by vocal massage, kinesiotaping, yoga, …
  • Reducing stress, (failure) anxiety through respiratory therapy, heart coherence training, mindfulness, …
  • Reprogramming your mind through mental coaching
  • Boosting your confidence

By working on the link between mind, body and voice you get the best out of your voice!

On the website we offer free exclusive online didactic material for anyone who wants to study the Mind The Voice method.

  • free singing exercises.
  • free mind training exercises.
  • free lesson videos for mind, body & voice.

On the Mind The Voice Youtube Channel you’ll find short speech therapy tips, singing tips, meditation & yoga for voice and voice warm-ups.