Mind The Voice is Belgium’s leading institute for vocal performers & artists, with as core philosophy: the synergy between voice, body and mind.

Your voice is more than just your vocal cords. Both your vocal health and your voice color are influenced by the well-being of your body and your mindset..

Your “mind” influences your “voice”.

We choose to focus on the health of the voice and the power of performance from a holistic approach and its own methodology, in order to get the very best out of vocal performers.

We work with an internal team consisting of holistic vocal coaches and voice therapists, an internal audio/video team consisting of producers, songwriters, audio/video technicians and an external team for ENT specialization, osteopathy, acupuncture, physio, psychology,…

Empowering vocal performers to unlock their full potential.


“You can’t teach the vocal cords to sing.

But what you can coach is the singer

mastering his body setting and mindset

to unlock the full potential of the voice.”

Tiffany Veys

Therefore, the very first question we ask in vocal coaching is not “HOW… to reach the voice you want for yourself? ”, but“ WHO… are you and who do you want to be as a singer or singer?”.

Our approach is completely adapted to your personality, your goals, your voice.

We extend this approach in speech therapy and voice therapy sessions, as well as in singing lessons, studio recordings, accompaniment to performances and much more.

Full attention to “the person behind the voice” is the key for us to get the best out of everyone’s voice.

Belting high notes as a singer, vocal problems as a teacher, breathing problems as hyperventilation,…  All these voices are treated from a holistic point of view.

After all, if you know how to set your ‘mind’, you immediately have control over your ‘voice’.


Founders of Mind The Voice Kris Van Roy and Tiffany Veys developed an original and efficient voice training tool that is now being used worldwide: the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer.

What does it do?

Using your voice intensively is comparable with top sport and a good workout for the muscles is necessary if you are a vocal athlete. The Mind The Voice SOVT trainer offers you that complete vocal workout! By making sound through the trainer, you will restore, warm up and train your voice. We regularly offer workshops where Tiffany explains all techniques, tips & tricks & vocal magic! Be sure to check it out on on our website!

Order the SOVT-Trainer now via the webshop!

On our international website we offer no less than 2 free online vocal courses:

  • SOVT-TRAINER vocal course: how do you get the best out of your voice with this vocal trainer?
  • SINGING GYM: vocal exercising videos for beginners and advanced singers. (English)
  • First you can register yourself and you will get free access to 2 easily accessible vocal courses.

In addition, on the Mind The Voice YouTube Channel you will find:

  • POPLAND: the online video podcast about the do’s & don’ts in the world of the music industry. (Dutch)
  • Short voice and singing tips that are linked to our books “This is how you learn to sing!” and “The Voice Bible”. (Dutch)


  • Recording studio with high end studio microphone (Josephson C715), pre-Amp (Dave Hills Design Europa I), Neumann Speakers, Roland piano (Juno DS88), guitars, synthesizers.
  • 1 vocal studio with Roland piano (RD 700), desk, bose vocal system, sennheiser e965 vocal microphones, massage table.

  • Studio 3 with Roland piano (Juno DS88), pre-production recording facilities, studio microphone, vocal installation, sennheiser e965 vocal microphones, massage table.
  • Studio XL as a multi-facility space with stage, light and sound installation, video equipment, grand piano, wireless Sennheiser microphones, ear training, mirrors. Used for performance training, photo/video shoots, audio recording, live recordings, try outs, showcases, podcast recordings, TV studio programs.
  • Mind The Voice bar as reception, waiting area, foyer.
  • 1 industrially equipped kitchen, to guarantee fresh, homemade in-house catering during our training & events that take place in Studio XL.

At Mind The Voice, the vocal and speech therapy sessions consist of the best techniques from the voice, speaking and singing world, combined with successful techniques such as core training, vocal massage, kinesiotaping, mindfulness, heart coherence training and yoga. After all, if you know how to align “mind” and “body“, you immediately have control over your “voice”.

  • Intensive vocal workouts
  • More power in your voice through core training
  • Relaxing your “vocal muscles” by vocal massage, kinesiotaping, yoga, …
  • Reducing stress, (failure) anxiety through respiratory therapy, heart coherence training, mindfulness, …
  • Reprogramming your mind through mental coaching
  • Boosting your confidence

By working on the link between mind, body and voice you get the best out of your voice!

The Mind The Voice method is a clear philosophy that connects mind, body and voice, developed by top vocal coach Tiffany Veys. That philosophy is translated into vocal coaching, speech therapy sessions, singing lessons, voice treatments as well as voice recordings, songwriting and music productions. Mind The Voice strives to emphasize everyone’s uniqueness by supporting everyone’s unique VOICE.

The basic of the method is bundled in the (Dutch) books:

I’ve been working with Tiffany since I was 14 and learned all the singing technique from her.

She learned me how to align my voice, body and mind and how to get my results on the highest level as a singing athlete. Now, I can sing for 5 hours continuously without any tension around my voice. My voice always stays in good shape. She also taught me how to perform on stage with confidence.


Mind The Voice! Why didn’t I go earlier?! After 12 years of experience in the music business, I found Mind the Voice and the Mind The Voice method.

Not only has my singing improved, but I have also been coached on a variety of skills.

Every session with Tiffany is different and tailored to my specific needs. Mind The Voice helps you to achieve your goals and ambitions, by enlarging your talent and taking you one step further.

Tiffany, you’re my rock!

Joining Mind The Voice was the best decision I’ve ever made for my voice. Tiffany Veys showed me a lot of technical exercises on how to sing without losing my voice. And also on how to relax my mind and body as well to be able to hit the right notes without overthinking that I’m going to fail. Singing with this method is an amazing experience.

As a recording and performing artist I really noticed how the Mind the Voice method helped me to improve my vocal skills. Tiffany Veys has been coaching me for several years now and the things I have learned while working with her definitely paid off on the road and during studio recordings.

I’ve worked with several other vocal coaches before and I must say that the way Mind the Voice combines vocal techniques with mindset exercises and physical tension relief is ,without any doubt, the best possible way singers in any genre can be coached.

I’ve been singing for years but since being coached by Tiffany I see my potential growing a lot in an immensely short time. Before getting to know her and her vocal method, I stagnated at one point. I even had the impression that I sometimes deteriorated. She looks for the exercises that work best for you to boost my technique to the maximum, because she doesn’t believe in limits. She boosts your mindset. She ensures that your body is ‘performance-ready’ and selects the exercises that are best for you as a vocal performer, so that you turn your weaknesses into strengths. She’s a powerwoman!

Singing is not merely technique, the holistic approach of Tiffany helped me to work on chronic hyperventilating, which lead to a wider range and control of my voice. Oh, and she’s really fun too, that always helps to be more comfortable while reaching for notes you taught you couldn’t.

Tiffany’s lessons are a perfect balance between using the voice correctly and training the mindset. I have always only used my voice to a limited extent, but with the Mind The Voice method I can now get a lot more out of my voice. Tiffany’s mix of know-how, dedication and winning mentality was ideal for me.






  • Hit high notes effortlessly

  • “Free your voice” with the shout

  • No to throat tension

  • Boost your self confidence

  • Increase your volume

  • Coaching adapted to your voice and your goals.

  • Vocal coaching & personal training in one

  • Voice, body & mind

  • Get the best out of your voice

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body = a healthy voice

  • Release your inner GAGA

  • Create a positive mindset

  • Out of the box vocal coaching

  • Find your vocal flow