How would your ideal life look like if anything were possible?

It doesn’t matter what other people think about you. What truly matters is what you think. Because how you think shapes your life. You are the “creator” of your life. And only you decide the rules of your game.

Sorry (not sorry).

I don’t believe in a plan B.

I genuinely believe that everyone has a purpose they can discover deep within themselves.

Moreover, I am of the opinion that many people lean too heavily on rationality, choosing paths based on what they feel they “should” do, driven by either internal or external pressures. They often overlook the moments of inspiration that come straight from their hearts.

Overthinking and comparing yourself to others can hinder you from finding the right flow and can become significant barriers in creating the life of your dreams. Fear and self-doubt can hold you back.

But hey! There’s another way. WHAT IF you shift your focus solely on what you truly desire, on the possibilities that lie ahead, and on the pure potential within yourself? How could your life unfold then?


You can’t master your entire life in one day. 

Master the day. And then keep doing it every day.

As a coach, I frequently encounter individuals who grapple with fully daring to pursue the dreams they have cherished since their youth.

What holds them back from wholeheartedly chasing after these dreams? The answer is fear.

Fear cleverly disguises itself as self-doubt, uncertainty, anxiety of failure, the conviction of not being good enough, and the fixation on potential pitfalls.

Some people do take steps towards their dreams, but with a cautious approach and an air of modesty. This tentativeness is often influenced by external factors: their surroundings question, “Don’t you already have a house, a garden, a job? Isn’t that enough?” Their upbringing instills the mindset of “Just be content with what you have” or “First, find a career with security.” They are encouraged to have a plan B and to account for potential setbacks.

Understanding these fears and limitations is crucial in helping people fully embrace their dreams. As a coach, my mission is to assist them in recognizing and overcoming these barriers, empowering them to pursue their dreams with unwavering courage and determination. By doing so, they can genuinely live the life they have always aspired to, breaking free from the chains of fear and doubt.


You are your own action hero.

Choose your avatar and begin.

What if life is “your game,” and you hold the power to shape it entirely? In Plan A, I will join you on a journey to discover your PERSONAL ID. Starting from scratch. Rediscovering yourself.

Plan A is not just about your PERSONAL ID, but also about your PROFESSIONAL ID.

Who are you, truly? What are your core values? Your limitations? Your unique qualities? Where do you aspire to be? What obstacles do you continuously encounter? What tools do you need to align yourself completely?

This exploration spans both your personal and professional realms because you cannot shine in your professional life without feeling your best personally, and vice versa. Together, we will unlock your full potential, empowering you to thrive in every aspect of your life.


F#ck the expectations.

Live the life you truly want. Only you can determine how it will be.

I will teach you the tools that empower you to become the best version of yourself, all without any sense of obligation. Whether you want to excel as a devoted housefather, achieve a top-of-the-line career, find the inner strength to stop procrastinating, or make informed study and job choices, I’ve got your back. If you possess an unwavering ambition and seek to extract the utmost potential from within, I am here to support you.

The reins are in your hands. Together, we will chart the path towards the life you genuinely desire. Whether it’s your Personal Plan A or Professional Plan A, the choice is entirely yours.