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Your voice is affected by the well-being of your body and your mindset. The know-how of the link between voice, body and mind is crucial to getting the very best out of your voice! Would you like to see the bigger picture and approach your voice holistically? Are you hungry for a clear and efficient system that connects psychology, coaching, bodywork and voice techniques? The Mind The Voice Basic Training “Link between voice, body & mind” is a 2-day specialized training that provides a successful combination between innovative techniques from speech therapy, the singing world and the holistic approach within voice practice. The training is given by voice coach & founder of the Mind The Voice method & philosophy: Tiffany Veys. Every voice is unique! Voice, body and mind are one. The voice cannot be separated. Voice therapy and voice coaching according to Mind The Voice start from a holistic view because in addition to physical factors, mental and emotional imbalances can also play an important role in the development of disease processes (voice therapy) or in optimizing the voice (vocal coaching). By looking beyond the voice problems and voice complaints, you learn to make the causal link with the underlying behavioral patterns and thinking styles. The link to the person behind the voice. If you know how to control the “mind” and “body”, you immediately have control over the “voice”. Creating a positive mindset and body awareness are central to achieving a healthy, optimal voice. Vocal Map in addition to the link between ‘mind’ and ‘voice’, Mind The Voice developed the ‘Vocal Map’: an easy and structured mind / voice / body map that gives a representation of the thinking style, body stability and tone and of the vocal techniques that are used. The ‘4 buttons’ from ‘De Stembijbel’ that form the base of the vocal map, allow you to reset your voice to optimal healthy use of the voice. PRERESET, RESET & UPGRADE your voice! Mind The Voice distinguishes 3 voice levels in which you can use the voice: ● PRERESET (relaxation and recovery of the voice) ● RESET (activating the voice and preparing your voice for intensive use) ● UPGRADE (optimizing your voice, creating your own sound, producing vocal effects) This know-how is extremely important in determining a correct vocal warming and vocal training and is different for each individual, thinking style, situation, goal. You will receive exercises, techniques and workouts for mind, body and voice, divided according to the three voice levels, that you will be able to apply to work both voice-restoring, voice-activating and voice-optimizing. Cross-pollination between speech therapy and singing world Started in the field within the singing world, where she subsequently immersed herself in the world of speech therapy, Tiffany Veys suggests a cross-pollination between both worlds: speech therapy versus singing. The way of thinking is different, but the more you open your mind to a broad vision, the easier it becomes to find the right angle for each voice. Each person is unique and therefore deserves the appropriate method to develop his / her voice. Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer Mind The Voice developed a brand new product at the beginning of 2018: the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer, a voice training instrument that enables you to relax, reset and intensively train your voice for all possible sounds: chest voice, head voice. , twang, shout, belting, distortion, growl and even screams. The SOVT-Trainer belongs to the core of the Mind The Voice method and is therefore extensively discussed in this first module of the 2-day training. Experience it yourself Nothing is more important than body awareness. Your body awareness and vocal techniques are intensively refined, repeated and trained within this course. There is room for reflection, but also for connection with yourself through individual personal feedback in the form of a master class.

After this training you can:

  • pre-reset the voice according to the 4 buttons of the Mind The Voice method.
  • integrate your already known voice methods into a total vision.
  • to make the link between the mental, physical and vocal aspect.
  • take a holistic approach to the voice.
  • understanding the importance of breathing therapy, mindfulness, cardiac coherence training, yoga exercises, autogenic training,… in relation to the voice.
  • apply the newly learned vocal techniques yourself.

The Mind The Voice basic training is an inspiring course about the holistic approach to the voice.

Tiffany Veys is Mind The Voice’s lead vocal coach and has more than 35,000 hours of individual coaching experience to her credit, both in voice coaching and singing coaching. Started in the singing world, she has immersed herself for years in the world of speech therapy, psychology, mindfulness and bodywork. She is a Master in music, jazz and light music, music production and the driving force behind the voice institute Mind The Voice, which she founded together with her husband, audio expert / vocal producer and developer of Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer, Kris Van Roy.
Tiffany is the founder of the Mind The Voice method and (co) author of the books “Mind The Voice – This is how you learn to sing!” (Lannoo 2012) and “De Stembijbel” (Mind The Voice 2015). She inspires and coaches speakers, artists in the making and professional singers every day to their ultimate goal.

As Mind The Voice founder, Tiffany takes a holistic point of view of the voice. The voice is influenced by the well-being of body and mind. With Mind The Voice she wants to offer a total package in vocal coaching. As a vocal coach you can best compare her with a personal coach, specialized in the speaking and singing voice. Vocal coaching sessions according to her method are completely tailor-made and contain, in addition to the regular voice and singing exercises, also voice massage, cranio sacral therapy for the voice, trigger point voice massage, kinesio taping for the voice, heart coherence training, mindfulness and yoga techniques and mental coaching. In addition, she is guest lecturer “Voice coaching” at the Thomas Moore Hogeschool Mechelen (LEON) and guest speaker in schools, comprehensive schools and companies all over Flanders to promote a healthy voice in a healthy body. She also gives training courses, master classes and lectures on the Mind The Voice methodology for voice therapists & vocal coaches in Flanders and the Netherlands, with the core topic: the link between voice, body & mind. Together with her husband Kris Van Roy, she leads the Mind The Voice team consisting of vocal coaches, speech therapists, physiotherapist, osteopath, acupuncturist, producers and songwriters.

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! Especially for Dutch speech therapists!

This Mind The Voice training is accredited with the ADAP. (ID number: 328303) Total accredited points obtained: 11 The ADAP is the central counter for applications for accreditation of expertise-promoting activities for (in this case) Speech Therapists who fall under the Paramedics Quality Register. In this way, ADAP monitors the quality of further training and further training and other activities for paramedics.


22 & 23 augustus 2020

345ex. BTW, incl. lunch