Craniosacral therapy for the voice

CS therapy for breath and voice is a specialized form of ‘craniosacral therapy’ with the aim of:

  • remove tensions around the region of the voice (hyoid bone, jaw, throat, larynx, neck, shoulders) to generate a freer voice.
  • loosening of the diaphragm for a deeper flow of breathing and therefore better control over the breath support and the voice.
  • improve breathing.
  • obtain deep, general relaxation in function of learning to let go. (reduce the urge to perform, fear of failure, stress, …)
  • regaining body stability and body awareness.
  • mind, body, voice reset.

CS therapy is a treatment method aimed at supporting and stimulating the self-healing ability of the body, so that stress, tension and blockages can be released, both mentally, emotionally and physically. The strength of this treatment method lies in its deep effect. It works deeply on the nervous system, brain, spinal cord, connective tissue and so on all other systems in the body such as the muscles, organs, bones, etc. CS therapy for the voice is a holistic treatment method, which means that by treating one specific complaint (eg throat tension), you also immediately act on other complaints, both mental, physical and even vocal. Eg. After the throat relief session, you may begin to develop more mental self-confidence, physically reduce your stomach upset, and vocally you have never spoken or sang so freely. It works on the link between voice, body & mind.

  • COMPLAINTS: CS voice therapy can be used to treat:

    • Hoarseness, tension around the throat when speaking or singing, …
    • Swallowing difficulties
    • Jaw complaints: reducing pain around the jaw joints.
    • Sinusitis, stuffy nose: opening of the nasal cavity, drainage of fluid.
    • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), caused by jaw complaints, reduced flow or stress.
    • Tension, stress (both positive and negative stress), fear of failure.
    • Hyperventilation complaints
    • Throat, neck and shoulder complaints.
      Painful or stiff neck and / or tension headache. (trapezius muscle, sternocleidomastoid muscle, …)
    • Lower back pain..
  • TARIFF: A CS therapy treatment for the voice costs € 80. +/- 1 to 3 sessions can be given, depending on your personal wishes and needs, spread over 2 to 3 months. The treatment is done on top of the clothing, but it is best to provide loose clothing (eg sweatpants & tshirt). After the treatment, your body will be very deeply relaxed so that you can feel satisfied and tired. So don’t plan any strenuous activities or work immediately after your session, so that you can give your body the necessary rest to recover and reset. After just one session of CS therapy, you already feel a significant difference in your entire body and mind. Your breathing and voice will feel much freer.

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