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A Masterclass by TIFFANY VEYS


Discover the “Dive Deep” Masterclass by Mind The Voice under the expert guidance of Tiffany Veys.

What is it about?

This captivating 3-hour masterclass delves deep into the realms of Voice-Body-Mind, offering an intimate space for exploration with just 4-5 participants.

This unique 3-hour masterclass delves into Voice-Body-Mind dynamics, conducted in an intimate setting with 4-5 participants. The class ensures thorough, personalized interaction, addressing individual needs and goals.

The setup?

This exceptional masterclass encourages each participant to bring forth their specific questions or challenges. These may vary from enhancing vocal health and resolving vocal issues to delving into the correlation between mindset and vocal expression, the fusion of inner and outer voice, and honing technical vocal skills like belting, head voice, low tones, and specialized techniques such as distortion.

Everything is possible. Every level is welcome. This principle is made achievable by dedicating special attention five times over to the individual behind the voice and their unique inquiries.

Five Participants – Five Perspectives – Five Revelations

At the heart of this masterclass lies its ability to foster a dynamic exchange of insights and experiences. Through shared learning and communal exploration, discover the profound interconnectedness of voice, body, and mind, and unlock new dimensions of self-expression and empowerment.

What to Expect?

Prepare to be captivated by a transformative learning experience that transcends traditional vocal coaching. Beyond refining your vocal technique, you’ll embark on a journey of vocal and self-discovery, gaining profound insights into the connection between your voice, physical well-being, and mental state. Guided by Mind The Voice’s holistic approach, which seamlessly integrates psychology, brainwork, mindfulness practices, physical exercises, and vocal techniques, you’ll emerge empowered with a newfound understanding of the limitless potential within you.

Key Highlights

  • A personal vocal analysis to identify your voice problems or needs.
  • Techniques for voice, body & mind, fully tailored to your questions, needs, complaints, goals, and voice.
  • Inspiring coaching in a small group of up to 5 people.
  • Exercises and tips to use your voice in a healthy and effective way.
  • The opportunity to learn from the personal experiences of other participants.
  • Vocal Strategies for specific sounds: belting, twang, shout, head voice, flageolet,…

Are you ready to dive deep and unlock the true potential of your voice?













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