Head Vocal Coach – Founder Mind The Voice-methode – Driving force of Mind The Voice – Artist Coach

Tiffany Veys is head vocal coach of Mind The Voice and has more than 20,000 hours of individual coaching experience. She is one of the top vocal coaches in Belgium, founder of the Mind The Voice-method, (co) author of the books ‘Mind The Voice – Zo leer je zingen!‘ (Lannoo 2012) and ‘De Stembijbel‘ (Mind The Voice 2015) and co-developer of the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer. She is a Master in music, jazz and light music and the driving force behind the voice institute Mind The Voice, which she founded together with her husband, partner in crime Kris Van Roy.

She inspires and coaches A-artists from Belgium, professional singers and artists in the making  to their ultimate goal on a daily basis. She also hosts training courses, master classes and lectures on the Mind The Voice method for singers, vocal professionals, speech therapists & vocal coaches in Belgium and the Netherlands, with the core topic: the connection between voice, body & mind. Together with Kris Van Roy she leads the Mind The Voice team consisting of vocal coaches, producers and songwriters and they work closely with a paramedical team to get the best out of everyone’s voice. She is also a guest teacher “Voice coaching” at the Thomas More Hogeschool Mechelen (LEON) and she gives workshops and refresher courses “Voice training” in schools and school communities all over Flanders for teachers.

Tiffany has a holistic view of the voice. The voice is influenced by the well-being of body ànd mind. Through Mind The Voice she wants to give a new meaning to the concepts “voice coaching” and “singing lessons” and offer a total package in vocal coaching. As a vocal coach you can best compare her with a personal coach, specialized in the speaking and singing voice. After all, speaking and singing professionally is a top-class sport and, just like a top-class sport, deserves regular intensive personalized training. Vocal coaching sessions according to her method are fully customized and in addition to the regular voice and singing exercises also include voice massage, trigger point voice massage, kinesio taping for the voice, cranio sacral therapy for the voice, but also heart coherence training, mindfulness techniques and mental coaching. In addition, there is an intensive course concerning breath support training, optimizing the voice color, training voice effects, performance coaching, microphone techniques and stage attitude. The common thread remains the link between voice, body and mind. After all, when voice, body and mind are one, the artist can fully do what he/she has to do: sing with feeling, make music and perform.

Tiffany breathes and lives her “métier”. She continues to train in the latest techniques and methods from the world of the voice and she constantly develops new techniques that can be used in voice and singing practice. She is a vocal coach with an intensive and transparent collaboration between artists, artist management and their music producers. She is happy to help you achieve your ultimate goal! After all, for her there is no greater professional satisfaction than being able to coach the artists and people she works with towards their goals and to see them “shine” in what they are good at. Her motto? “Be the best version of you!



  • Head vocal coaching Mind The Voice:
    • Coach of A-artists, professional singers, bands, (voice) actors, comedians, speakers within the Belgian and Dutch media industry.
    • Specialized in (extreme) voice effects / creating a unique sound for vocal performers.
    • Training & guidance within the Mind The Voice team.
    • Provides training, presentations, workshops, private coaching on the Mind The Voice method to speech therapists, vocal coaches, voice professionals in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Guest lecturer “Stemcoaching” at Thomas More Hogeschool (Leon), (since 2017).
  • Vocal coaching in-service training courses/workshops for teachers: “ZO spreek je GEZOND!”, “Krachtig spreken!”, “Stemtraining voor leerkrachten”. (since 2010).
  • Vocal coach workshops, live shows + jury pre-auditions “The Band 2017”. (2017, VTM & FOX TV).
  • Private vocal coaching at Mind The Voice of contestants in preparation for the following TV shows: Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice Van Vlaanderen, The Voice Of Germany, Belgium’s Got Talent, The Voice Kids, Eurosong 2014, My Name Is, De Beste Singer-Songwriter van Flanders, Camille (#LikeMe), Max (Just Like Me, Disney Channel Benelux), Musical Kadanza, Your’In, …
  • Voice coaching NOS Netherlands news anchors. (2016, Hilversum).
  • Voice training for companies: Eandis, Brussels Airlines, various companies. (since 2010).
  • Voice recording Pretpraters Philippe Geubels, Alex Agnew,… (2016, 2Be / Medialaan)
  • Voice coaching AA Gent (2015, Ghent).
  • Author of the book “Mind The Voice Zo leer je zingen!” (2012), co-author of the book “De Stembijbel” with Kristien Wollants (2015).
  • Workshops “Zang!” Klankendaal Mechelen, Keymusic Sint-Niklaas, Bax Shop NL, Brussels Airlines, Mind The Voice, …
  • Lectures “World Voice Day” (Mind The Voice), “World Voice Day” (Artevelde Hogeschool / AZ Maria Middelares), “Logopediadag”, …
  • Refresher training Mind The Voice for speech therapists Thomas More.
  • Refresher courses Speaking training for teachers, various schools since 2007.
  • 35,000 hours of private coaching at Mind The Voice since 2007.
  • Singing courses with Mind The Voice since 2007.
  • Singing lessons Music Academy Dendermonde 2007.
  • Dance class Passage Fitness First, Basic Fit Bornem, Gym Tonic Reet, 2017 – 2018)

Education, training and/or study days:

  • Training to become a cranio sacral therapist (2019-2020, Peirsman Academy NL).
  • Speech therapy course for chronic cough complaints (2019, Zwolle, NL).
  • Training of manual facilitation of the larynx (2019, Uden, NL).
  • In-depth course in kinesio taping in speech therapy (2018, The Hague, NL).
  • In-depth training O.M.F.T. & dentistry (2018, Hasselt).
  • Basic training O.M.F.T. (oro-myofunctional therapy, abnormal oral habits) (2018, Hilversum, NL).
  • Trigger point massage training (2018, Leuven).
  • Basic training in kinesio taping for the voice (2017, Den Haag).
  • Laryngeal facilitation courses (Liebermann + Piron) (2017 – 2018, Sint-Amands).
  • Training to become a massage therapist (2017, Antwerp).
  • Logopediadag (2016, Mechelen).
  • Ghent Dag Van De Stem (2015 – 2015 – 2017, Ghent).
  • Mindfulness 8 week session (2008, Antwerp).
  • Graduated Master In Music, Jazz and light music, music production Conservatory Ghent (2002 – 2007).
  • Graduated as a teacher (pedagogical certificate of competence) (2007 – 2008).
  • Private courses, workshops, courses “pop singing” and “classical singing” (weekly between 1999 and 2007) (T. Migliorini, W. Van Beveren, P. De Smet, LB Giot, R. Gould, C. Fuchs, Sofie, S. Lane, K. Huylebroek,…).
  • Jazz Singing, Jazz Studio Antwerp (2001 – 2002).
  • Classical Singing (P. Devreese) (1997-1999), classical piano (G. Depraetere), Classical ballet / Jazz ballet (Ronse Academy) (1991-2001).


  • Vocal Coach/Songwriter/backing vocals/piano accompaniment for various artists within Mind The Voice.
  • Singer & manager Art-Times (various Pop and jazz projects).
  • Singer pop-rock band T.I.F.F., various cover bands.
  • Film Festival Prize as Composer for Best Original Music at the Tous Cours Film Festival, Aix-En-Provences (France) with the soundtrack “Love’s Refrain“, written for Roman Klochkov’s short film “Natasha“.
  • Singer and songwriter soundtrack “Love’s Refrain” (Film Festival prize for best original music)
  • Studio singer Mind The Voice, Art-Times, Andy Janssens, Phil Wilde, Philip Dirix Studio Belvedere, Peter Bellaert, Tom De Clercq,…)
  • Singer “Do You Wanna Dance” (NEWS), high rotation Jim TV, TMF. N ° 2 Dance Charts UK. Released UK, NL, USA, New Zealand, Australia.