Singing Synergized with Mind & Motion for Quicker Mastery


11 Dynamic Vocal Workouts for Voice, Body Dynamics, and Mind.

At Singing Gym, you’ll discover a groundbreaking online vocal program that intertwines the art of singing with personal training, kinetic insights, and cognitive techniques. This carefully curated journey is designed not only to strengthen your voice but also to harmonize your body dynamics and mental flexibility, enabling you to achieve mastery over your vocal abilities faster and more effectively.


Muscle Memory = the key to success.

By strategically training the core muscles essential for empowering and supporting your voice, you not only transform your vocal color but also your overall sound. Incorporate these exercises into your daily routine to noticeably enhance both the resonance and quality of your voice!


Your voice is the result of your mindset and body setting. Singing Gym applies the dynamic three-phase principle from the elite sports world: restore, reset, and upgrade your voice. This refined program offers a strategic series of vocal exercises, enriched with purposeful movements and thought styles, designed to accelerate your progress and fully unleash your vocal ability.


My approach is far from ordinary: I literally approach singing as a top sport. I operate in phases: restore, reset, and upgrade. And I employ vocal strategies: exercises arranged in a unique sequence, specifically designed to train the particular sounds and vocal tones you aspire to achieve.

With Singing Gym, I’ve developed 11 videos to enable the practice of foundational, moderate, and advanced exercises right from your home.

Tiffany Veys is founder and head vocal coach & artist coach of Mind The Voice, the leading institute for vocal performers in Belgium and has been active in the music business for over 15 years with over 25,000 hours of individual coaching experience to her credit. Together with her husband Kris Van Roy, she runs Mind The Voice and WOLF44.