Vocal Coach
Laura Verschooten is a vocal coach, singer and psychologist and started working for the Mind The Voice team since 2018. At the age of six she already knew: “music will be her biggest passion”. She therefore started early on with her 12-year training as a classical violinist. In 2013, after finishing her study in music school, her love for singing and the voice led her to Mind The Voice and she was coached by vocal coach Marie Joëlle and since 2014 by Mind The Voice founder, Tiffany Veys. Besides music Laura is also very intrigued by people and especially the psyche; she graduated as a clinical psychologist in 2015 and then took a postgraduate degree in psychotherapy at the university of Ghent. She works as a psychologist / psychotherapist in group practice Psychè & Logos in Berchem and also coaches people with a psychological vulnerability to take up their lives again and to help realize their goals and dreams.

Where better to make the link between the psyche and the voice than with Mind the Voice? Laura’s two greatest passions come together when she coaches young and old to develop their own voice with strength, literally and figuratively! For this she uses her knowledge and skills as a psychologist and vocal coach in combination with her experience as a singer; In addition to her job as a psychologist and vocal coach, she stands with a lot of power as front woman in a rock band but lives for all genres in the music indsutry! Her motto? “Fortune favors the bold!”



  • Mind The Voice Authorised Vocal Coach since 2018.


  • Music school, classical violin at the Music Academy in Boom 1999-2010.
  • Private singing lessons since 2013 at Mind the Voice.
  • Front singer and backing vocals on various projects.


  • Training “Vocal coach” in the Mind The Voice method.
  • Refresher courses, refresher courses Mind The Voice method.
  • Course PA at Trix, Antwerp.
  • Ableton Live course at Depot, Leuven.
  • Master in clinical psychology (option adults) at KU Leuven.
  • Continuing education in psychoanalytic therapy at Ghent University.
  • Various courses on all kinds of psychological themes (Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Summer University Psychoanalysis, Mindfulness, short solution-oriented therapy and more)