Speech therapist – Voice therapist

Marlies D’Olislager is a speech therapist and voice therapist at Mind The Voice. She graduated as a Bachelor in Speech Therapy at the Thomas More College in Antwerp, after which she also followed the Postgraduate Voice there. She keeps her specialization and knowledge about voice and articulation up-to-date with literature, the necessary training and study days.

From an early age, Marlies was passionate about music. She played the violin as a child and participated in a local musical for several years. After graduating as a speech therapist, she decided to rekindle her passion with singing lessons at Mind The Voice. She was quickly sold by the nice way of working (together) and since the summer of 2017 she has been part of the Mind The Voice team. She has already followed intensive training on the Mind The Voice method. Her motto: “I’ve never done it, so I think I can” – Pippi Longstocking



  • Graduated speech therapist at Thomas More Hogeschool (2015, Antwerp)
  • “Training Stuttering therapist” at bvba AAS (2016-2017, Ghent)
  • “Postgraduate Voice” at Thomas More Hogeschool (2017-2018, Antwerp)

Additional training and / or study days

  • 2-day in-service training Estill Voice Training System level 1: Figures for Voice Control (2015, Thomas More Antwerp)
  • 2-day in-service training oro-myofunctional therapy (2017, KWEC)
  • PEVoC12 – Pan-European Voice Conference (2017)
    Workshop articulation (2017, Bernadette Timmermans)
  • Manual techniques in voice therapy (2018, Thomas More Antwerp)
  • Return day manual techniques in voice therapy (2018, Thomas More Antwerp)
  • In-depth course oro-myofunctional therapy (2018, KWEC)
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy basic course (2019, Peirsmann Cranio Sacral Academy)
  • Speech therapy course for chronic cough complaints (2019, Isala academie Zwolle, NL)
    Symposium voice therapy (2019, UZA, Wirlijk)


  • Vocal massage and myofascial release for the elite vocalist (2020, Stephen King, Voice Care Center London)
  • Vibrant Voice Technique (2020, Sonar Speech Therapy & Voice Coaching)
  • Music school training
  • Private piano lessons  
  • Private singing lessons with Mind The Voice