Ready, set, go! It’s time to get into the studio. Every ‘starting’ artist needs professional material in order to present the best possible representation of his/her talent.

You can take the step towards the studio for various reasons:

  • Your own portfolio for your next audition
  • Gain experience: studio singing is a profession in itself!
  • Interim ‘check-up‘ of your progress as a singer / singer

The Mind The Voice recording studio is a professional, artistic high end Vocal Studio where the artist and his/her voice are central. Mind The Voice also chooses with the recording studio for specialization in the “voice”: tailor-made songwriting, powerful arrangements, full productions and vocal coaching whereby a synergy arises between singer and his/her creative team. Music sounds like music to your ears when that condition is met. The heart of our Vocal Studio is the JOSEPHSON C715. A premium microphone specially designed to make every voice sound warm yet defined. By combining this microphone with the Dave Hills Design Europe I, a high end pre-amp and recordings at 96kHz, we ensure top quality at Mind The Voice.

Mind The Voice has a team of producer/engineers/songwriters who will guide you highlight your talent even more.


Our vocal coaches will guide you both before and during the recording. Before you enter the studio you will be supported both vocally and mentally.
After this goal-oriented ‘Vocal Reset‘ you are ready to experience a perfect studio session.
The producer-vocal coach combination ensures that you are guided as well as possible during the recording!


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