Personal communication is crucial in business. The best speakers are very aware of the importance of a enjoyable, convincing voice color in combination with a healthy use of voice and the correct body language.

But how do you create a voice that blows everyone away? How do you keep feeling confident in front of an audience over and over again? How do I use my posture and body language for the better? How do you increase your voice volume without a microphone? Or, how should you even speak with a microphone? What are the correct microphone techniques? How do you choose the right speaking tempo? These are all questions that are dealt with in the coaching session “Vocal training for voocal professionals”.

VERBAL & NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION The training is fully practice-based. In the morning, there’s an introduction about the correct breathing and speaking techniques and practical tips are given on non-verbal communication (body language, posture), verbal communication (healthy voice use, the importance of your voice color), voice problems and the connection with your mindset, vocal tips to take care of your voice, presentation techniques, voice control in stressful situations, … In the afternoon there is an interactive workshop where the students individually learn to get the best out of their voice. Each student receives personal tips and advice regarding  his / her voice (sound setting, sound color, voice volume, carrying capacity), pronunciation (sound placement), intonation, body language, persuasiveness. Intensive use of the voice requires intensive vocal coaching and that is what you can get out of this training.

  • Non-verbal communication: correct posture, positive body language.
  • Verbal communication: types of breath, chest, abdomen, diaphragm breathing, breath support & breath control, voice volume, relaxed voice, open throat.
  • Reset your voice: the 4 buttons of the sound setting.
  • Verbal communication: sound placement & vocal exercises.
  • Voice tips & voice problems: nutrition, care, first aid, hoarseness, …
  • Mental communication: mindset, voice problems & the connection with your character / mindset. Stress reduction through respiratory / heart coherence training.
  • Presentation techniques: natural intonation, accentuation, speaking tempo, microphone techniques, communication with your audience, body language.
  • Vocal exercises, articulation exercises, presentation texts under guidance

After this training you can reset your voice fast and efficiently daily by means of the correct breathing and vocal techniques and mindset according to the Mind The Voice method. You are also aware of incorrect (unhealthy) use of your voice and know how to convert this into a healthy and enjoyable voice. You know how to take care of your voice every day by means of the right tips regarding nutrition, care, first aid for hoarseness. You understand the connection between your “mind” and “voice” and what a correct mindset means for your voice. You discover your potential as a vocal professional and know how to get the best out of yourself every day to convince your audience of your message. You know how to use your voice powerfully and in an healthy way for your personal goals, how to intonate your voice to move your audience and how to reduce any stress to the minimum and turn it into inner power.

Mind The Voice is een erkend dienstverlener van de KMO-portefeuille.

Wil je deze opleiding volgen via deze subsidiemaatregel?  Meld dit dan zeker bij je inschrijving en doe dan tijdig je aanvraag.

Indien je gebruik wil maken van de KMO-portefeuille:

  • dient de BTW binnen 14 dagen overgemaakt te worden met de gestructureerde mededeling van de factuur
  • begin tijdig met de aanvraagprocedure om jouw onderneming te registreren. Deze procedure is niet moeilijk maar vergt enige tijd. De aanvraag moeten binnen de 2 weken na aanvang van de opleiding zijn aangevraagd. Gebeurd dit niet, dan kan de opleiding niet meer via de kmo-portefeuille subsidie gevolgd worden.
  • het bedrag van de opleiding (ex btw) dien je in te geven op de kmo-portefeuille, daarna wordt er gevraagd jouw deel te storten op een rekening van SODEXO.
  • zodra de subsidie is gestort op je ‘portefeuille’ kan je de totale betaling doorvoeren van de opleiding.

We vragen jou daarom ook om deze procedure zo spoedig mogelijk te starten. In de volgende link staat meer informatie over de aanvraagprocedure:


Mind The Voice staat vermeld onder KMO-erkenningsnummer DV.O232355

Heb je hierover nog vragen? Wij helpen je graag verder.

Wens je geen gebruik te maken van de KMO-portefeuille, gelieve dan de gehele cursussom binnen de betalingstermijn over te maken.

Mind The Voice BE0657746112


The cost price for 1 hour of coaching is 60 €. Mind The Voice is also a service provider for the SME Portfolio. With this subsidy from the Flemish government you can get a discount, up to 30% as a business, company or non-profit organization. To benefit from this subsidy, you must follow a training of 10 sessions. All information about the SME portfolio can be found through this link.


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