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Delve into the connection between your voice, body, and mind in ‘The Holistic Program’.

Are you fascinated by the interplay between mind, body, and voice and how it contributes to your well-being?

‘The Holistic Program’ is a 6-day intensive training developed by Tiffany Veys that not only offers you a helicopter view of the synergy between body, mind, and voice, but also equips you with essential skills to restore and optimize your physical, mental, and vocal health.

‘The Holistic Program’ goes beyond training: it invites you to rediscover and connect with your inner strength. As an individual, vocalist, coach, and/or therapist.

The training is structured into three dynamic, two-day modules:

  1. 360° Foundations
  2. Vocal Reset & Bodywork
  3. Vocal Work & Vocal Strategy

In ‘The Holistic Program: 360° Foundations’, the beating heart of our training, we delve deep into the essence of human well-being. We unveil how health challenges are embedded in a complex network of body, mind, and emotion, and how they are not standalone but part of a larger whole. This insight offers you a helicopter view of the dynamic interaction between mind, body, and voice, where feelings, thoughts, emotions, and traumas can deeply impact your body and voice.

  • We explore the powerful synergy of the ‘Big 5’: mindset, emotion, body tone, energy balance, and voice, and how these elements reinforce and influence each other.
  • The program offers a rich mix of therapeutic disciplines and methods, providing a comprehensive perspective on health and well-being. You will be equipped with both practical skills and the scientific foundations that support them, with the aim of promoting personal growth and supporting health and well-being in others.
  • In this module, you will also extensively learn about the “Helicopter View”, developed by Tiffany. The “Helicopter View” is a holistic coaching method that provides insight into your or your coachee’s mental, emotional, and physical blockages, and how these are connected to your family system or organizational system, as well as to your personal and professional needs. The ultimate goal is to recognize your different “selves”, recognize your authentic self among the “selves”, and live from that voice, resulting in unhindered self-expression and vocal expression.
  • Additionally, you will also discover the “Vocal Map”: this is a powerful visual framework that links thought direction, character traits, muscle chains, meridians, energy centers, and voice. The Vocal Map is a visual scaffold to completely map out the voice as a result of mindset and body setting.

Tiffany has the unique ability to intuitively recognize both physical, emotional, and energetic blockages and precisely know which approach is needed to break through them. Her insight and understanding of human complexity, consisting of multiple layers, different ‘selves’, and often conflicting emotions, have led her to apply a wide range of treatment strategies and insights around holistic well-being. This approach is tailored to the specific needs of the moment and the individual. In ‘The Holistic Program’, she shares these valuable insights and techniques, with the aim of empowering others in both their personal and professional growth. Moreover, she reads which method suits you as an individual best, encouraging you to discover your own unique path instead of following pre-packaged methodologies.

‘The Holistic Program’ will empower you with the knowledge and tools to recognize, understand, and balance every aspect of being human. The key to profound change and a more harmonious life, with the complex interaction between mind, body, and voice at its core.


‘The Holistic Program’ training consists of three dynamic, two-day modules:

  1. 360° Foundations
  2. Vocal Reset & Bodywork
  3. Vocal Work & Vocal Strategy

‘The Holistic Approach’ is carefully designed for a wide range of professionals and enthusiasts seeking to deepen their understanding of holistic health and well-being:

  • Professional therapists, coaches, psychologists, counselors,…
  • Manual therapists, massage therapists, craniosacral therapists, body therapists.
  • Physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists,…
  • Voice therapists, speech therapists, vocal coaches.
  • Yoga, Pilates, fitness coaches.
  • Enthusiasts.

The registration fee is €690 (VAT included) for the 2-day course in a group of up to 10 people.

The training takes place at:

Mind The Voice Puurs-Sint-Amands (XL Studio)

Lippeloseweg 44

B-2890 Puurs-Sint-Amands



Tiffany Veys
Tiffany VeysFounder Mind The Voice

Tiffany Veys is the driving force and founder of Mind The Voice, the pioneer of the Mind The Voice methodology, and has been active as a (holistic) vocal coach for over 15 years, accumulating over 25,000 hours of individual coaching experience. Tiffany possesses the unique ability to intuitively recognize and precisely address physical, emotional, energetic, and vocal blockages. Her mission? To empower you. As an individual, professional, and/or vocalist.



Learn an effective approach that integrates mindset, emotional work, bodywork, energetic work, and voice. This approach provides you with a helicopter view and enables you to create a unique and personalized treatment plan for yourself or for clients that goes beyond conventional methods. You will learn how to influence and strengthen the mental mindset, break through emotional barriers, physically support the body, and restore energetic harmony. The foundation of total self-care and overall well-being.

Phase Principle

Discover the power of the phase principle in ‘The Holistic Program: 360° Foundations’. These phases – recovery phase, activation phase, and optimization phase – form the basis of overall health for both voice, body, and mind. It provides a customized path to recovery, health, and voice development.

Areas of Expertise

The course delves deeply into a variety of specializations that are essential within the holistic perspective. This includes manual therapy, personal training, bodywork, Chinese meridian theory, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, emotional release, breathwork, energetic therapy, medical yoga, mental coaching, systemic work, vocal work, and sound healing. This contributes to a comprehensive knowledge base, providing you with a broad understanding of the connection between mind, body, and voice.


Contact Info

Lippeloseweg 44 - 2890 Sint-Amands

Phone: +32(0)32980494

Mobile: +32(0)473115925

Web: Mind The Voice

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