Kinesio taping is the application of kinesio tape, a type of elastic, stretchable tape on the body. The tape is stretchable up to 140% and is therefore comparable to the stretchability of the skin. By adjusting the direction and stretch of the tape you can influence the skin, fascia (connective tissue), lymphatic system, muscles and joints. The method was originally developed in Japan in the 1970s and until now it has mainly been used by physiotherapists or sports masseurs. Kinesio taping is used successfully for the acute removal of blockages and tension around the muscles that affect the voice. By means of the tape, the muscles will regain their original tone, making the voice operational again. Mind The Voice distinguishes between therapeutic taping and voice taping:
  • THERAPEUTIC TAPING: The therapeutic taping is done in combination with the “Voice massage basic” or during speech therapy sessions. For this, skin-colored tape is used:

    • Throat, neck and shoulder complaints.
    • Painful or stiff neck and / or tension headache. (trapezius muscle, sternocleidomastoid muscle, …)
    • Hoarseness.
    • Jaw complaints: reducing pain around the jaw joints and the masseter muscle.
    • Correcting the posture: a healthy upright posture affects a healthy use of the voice.
    • Sinusitis, stuffy nose: opening of the nasal cavity, drainage of fluid.
    • Tinnitus.
    • Hyperventilation complaints.
    • Swallowing difficulties.
  • VOICE TAPING: Kinesio taping is also used during our singing lessons, vocal coaching sessions or speech therapy sessions. For this we use colored tape. This taping remains in place throughout the coaching session and is carefully released after the session. This strengthens the lessons in the following areas:

    • Activating the resonance spaces.
    • Teaching a relaxed voice color.
    • Reducing muscle tension around the throat.
    • Learning high notes.
    • Improve breathing.