YES! Everyone can learn to sing


he key question that I must of course answer in my blogs is: “Can everyone learn to sing”? Once and for all I want to shout (healthy): YES, anyone can learn to sing! Or do you prefer something more nuanced? Then this is my answer: 97% of the population can learn to sing. The remaining 3% appears to be tone deaf. (musicality) Yep, you read that right! The 97% non-tone deaf people can therefore absolutely learn to sing, provided they learn to control the correct muscles in combination with strengthening their auditory memory! This means that the often heard statement “I can’t sing” is incorrect. In fact they want to say “I can’t sing beautifully” or “I sing out of tune”. But in both cases you can just learn to sing beautifully.

So why don’t some people sing beautifully or out of tune?

You see, this can be due to many factors: inadequate breath support, too much or too little muscle tension of the muscle groups you need to activate your voice, too little voice control, fatigue, a reduced pitch control, insufficient focus … Many of the above cases can be solve it by learning to control the correct muscle groups correctly. Your voice cannot be separated from your body. Your voice consists of two vocal cords, but it is connected to a whole series of muscle groups and tissues that work together during singing.

  • stability in the legs and feet;
  • activation of the pelvic floor muscles, the
  • abdominal muscles, the back muscles and the diaphragm;
  • activation of the neck muscles;
    relaxation of the neck and shoulder muscles;
  • relaxation and activation of the muscles around the larynx and hyoid bone to raise and lower the larynx;
  • elevation of the uvula and soft palate.

Are you already losing your courage? Don’t!

When you sing “in flow” and you dare to let yourself go completely, it appears that a large part of the above muscles activate or relax by themselves. You are just going to generate more wrong muscle tension by having a fear of failure.

Moral of this story? 🙂

YES, anyone can learn to sing. NO, it doesn’t have to be perfect from the start. YES, you will occasionally sing out of tune during practice. And NO, that’s okay as well, because mistakes are necessary during a learning process. What I want to say: dare to start singing and above all learn to enjoy! Do not let yourself be held back by your surroundings that might say that it is not yet perfect, but above all, let yourself be motivated by the incredibly blissful feeling you get every time you sing!

Singing makes you happy, so you better do it often and a lot!

Not sure how to get started?

No worries. Everything has been thought of! You can already start with the book “Zo leer je zingen!” and / or take a look at the many online singing lessons on our YouTube Channel! Good luck finding your unique voice! Tiffany

Is singing your passion? Then we have a lot more for you!


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Tiffany Veys, Head vocal coach

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