Do you know that moment when a brilliant idea suddenly pops into your mind? You know, as if the idea then literally “falls-into-you”? Or one of those days when you’re soaked in creativity? Or those moments when you absolutely don’t have to search for your words but the words flow through you exactly? Yes?

These are your peak moments!

At the same time: do you also recognize that feeling of disorientation and a “foggy” head? A state of imbalance, tremors, restlessness? Or a lack of clarity in your thoughts? Sometimes it can be so intense that you actually faint, stumble, or drop things from your hands.

In beide scenario’s zijn deze fenomenen toe te schrijven aan “de lijn”.

On one hand, it’s the “imaginative” line or connection that runs from above your head, straight down through your body. On the other hand, it’s also a kind of “physical” line that follows your spine: your body is, in essence, built upon a vertical axis comprised of stacked discs. The crucial discs are the diaphragms or horizontal planes that influence each other: If there’s a blockage in one diaphragm (such as the pelvic floor), there’s a high likelihood of a blockage emerging in the other (like the diaphragm, for instance).

But the line is more. Much more!

The line represents the central meridian and the governor meridian in the framework of Chinese meridian theory.

Spiritually, the line also symbolizes the connection between the cosmos and the Earth.

But most importantly, the line is a wonderful life lesson in both verticality and horizontality.

A horizontal mindset, in fact, gives rise to a lot of drama: searching, striving, seeking approval, comparing oneself… “Because if I or that would only happen, then I would genuinely find happiness.” Or: “if my friend hadn’t reacted that way, this problem wouldn’t exist at all…”

Stop stop stop. Je haalt jezelf helemaal uit je kracht.

Horizontality isn’t the way forward. Horizontality leads you to believe that you’re only truly valuable once you’ve finished that degree, landed that job, amassed over 1000 followers, or attained a certain status. All of it is nonsense because a fulfilled life doesn’t hinge on those things 🙂 Just look around you, and you’ll notice that almost everyone is trapped in horizontal patterns of thinking and action.

Horizontality generates relationships of dependency. Whether with people or with “things,” patterns, addictions,… You position yourself “above” or “below” something, someone, or a situation.

Master yourself. En stop met te kijken naar de rest.

A mindset rooted in dependency has never given rise to a robust and stable mindset.

It’s not about living for, by, or in relation to others. It’s first and foremost about living according to your authentic blueprint. Your personal blueprint. Your inner, distinct “code.” Living in alignment with your own vertical path. Only when you do this can you truly and unconditionally connect with others. Otherwise, you’re forming “attachments” instead of “true connections.”

When you stay faithful to yourself, you’ll find that other individuals, quite amusingly, appear on your path who share a remarkable number of zeros and ones in their code that align with your own. Similarities naturally attract each other.

Understanding and consciousness of your line will guide you in discovering inner tranquility.

How to delve deeper within to understand who you are and what you truly desire at your core. In fact, how to live according to your Plan A.

In “de lijn” zijn wereldwijd immers alle piekprestaties gecreëerd. Topsporters zitten in de lijn. Kunstenaars zitten in de lijn. Inspirators zitten in de lijn. Muzikanten zitten in de lijn tijdens improvisatie.

Within your line, you don’t associate yourself with the energetic weight of your emotions, thoughts, past, or future. Within your line, you stand in your strength, remain in a state of flow, and discover inspiration.

Do you want to learn or experience more about this?

In one-on-one coaching, I teach you how to live within that line.

  • In Personal Coaching and Plan A Coaching, I guide you to take control of your life and transform it according to your unique blueprint.

  • In Vocal Coaching, I teach you how to master your voice within your frontline, backline, or diagonal line, all stemming from your vertical axis.

  • In the Factory Reset or Vocal Reset, I bring your body, mind, emotions, and energy back to their factory settings (the line 🙂 ), thereby reactivating the self-healing capacity of your system.

Everything begins with stability and alignment.

A strong personality. A strong mind. A healthy body. Your emotions and energy in balance.

That is what I wish for you.



Tiffany Veys, Head vocal coach

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