Yes, it’s possible! I use a collection of tuning forks developed for body therapy. Think of it as a collection of little vitamins, the frequency of which you can resonate throughout a body

  • Deficiency of vitamin 136.10 Hz? Then your body will experience a lot of stress in the chest area, and your breathing will become difficult.

  • Deficiency of vitamin 194.18 Hz? Then you’re undoubtedly walking around with your head in the clouds or constantly residing in your brain. After a few minutes of 194.18 Hz, you’ll feel your body becoming heavier and more relaxed again.

  • Are you experiencing digestive problems and are you often too hard on yourself? Perhaps it’s time to grant yourself a bit more gentleness. For this purpose, the 210.42 Hz tuning fork is ideal. By placing this tuning fork on specific points in the abdominal region, you’ll notice your abdomen relaxing and your digestion improving. As a result, you’ll experience a sense of calm, and your stomach and abdomen will feel more relaxed.

I admit, it might seem a bit like magic, but in reality, we’ve just forgotten this knowledge a little bit. It actually works quite logically.

Everything is vibration.

When you allow a specific vibration to resonate through your body, your body simply won’t be able to hold onto this tension. It will automatically respond by releasing any excess tension.

Maar er is meer.

Tuning forks have an impact on both the nervous system and the tissue of our body and can even influence the water balance. Water is an excellent conductor of sound, with a speed of about 1500 meters per second. Since our body consists of 70 to 80% water, it can serve as the perfect resonance instrument, making the circulation of blood, lymph, and other fluids flow more easily. After a session with tuning forks, it’s not uncommon to immediately need a visit to the restroom 😉

And did you know that our bones are even better conductors? The denser the medium, the faster sound travels. So, if I hold a tuning fork on your knee, you can feel it in your shoulder and vice versa. It creates an incredibly relaxing sensation.


Additionally, you can also use it for “sound acupuncture.” The body has 365 acupuncture points, all of which can be treated with a chosen “tone.” Some tones are more focused on joint issues, some on breathing, and some can even help free your mind

Last but not least, and no, it’s absolutely not meant to be airy-fairy 😉

If you hold a tuning fork outside your body, you will feel this. After all, we hold energy in the electromagnetic field around our physical body. Emotions can sometimes linger there for a long time and influence your physical body. If you release this vibration with the right tuning fork, you will feel much lighter. You can take on the world again. When I experienced this for the first time, I just knew that I wanted to integrate it into Mind The Voice.

Sound healing with tuning forks simply affects all aspects of your body: the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic body.

De tip van de week…

This week’s tip is to pay more attention to the sounds and music you listen to, as they can have a greater impact on your body than you initially thought. It’s important to listen to your body and discover which music helps you relax, heal, and revitalize. By choosing the right music, you can achieve a deeper level of well-being and harmonize with yourself and the world around you.

There you have it, I just wanted to share this with you this week in these “Ponytales” 😉

Tiffany Veys

Tiffany Veys, Head vocal coach

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