Many singers know it, many singers use it. The famous bubbling through a tube!

Bubbling through a tube is an effective and efficient way to relax and recover your voice when you have overused it or when you are sick. You might also know it by the name “Lax Vox”. Lax Vox literally means ‘relaxation of the voice’ and is a voice therapy for both speakers and singers.

It works very simply. You sing or make sound through a tube that is partially submerged in water. This creates a positive backpressure above the vocal cords, giving your vocal cords and the entire surrounding area a relaxing massage.

When do I use it?

You can use it as relaxation, so just before the voice warm-up or as a cooling down (after singing or speaking intensively). It goes without saying that you should not use it just before a performance, because then your voice will be too relaxed, and your vocal muscles won’t be “on” enough to deliver high performances while singing. You can compare it with top athletes. You are also not going to let your muscles be completely massaged before a match and then go straight onto the field. There is a proper warm-up and training between the massage and the match. How to do it is simple, you use the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer. It has been specially developed as voice-warmer  and RESET / UPGRADE of your voice. You can get started with the trainer just before your performance. Read more in this blog!

  • The vocal folds can open and close faster and easier.

  • The vibration of the vocal cords improves.

  • The minimum pressure required to make sound decreases.

  • Singing and speaking is easier without forcing.

  • The larynx descends, which relaxes the throat.

  • You will automatically use the correct medial breathing.

  • The vibration ensures that any mucus in the throat loosens and can be coughed up.

  • Your voice will sound warmer and more relaxed after bubbling.

  • Silicone tube of 30 – 35cm long, with a diameter of 9-12 mm. (Can just be found in a DIY store!)

  • Bottle or tall glass filled with a maximum of 2 cm of water. The higher the water, the more back pressure. It is best to start with 2cm.

  • Place the silicone tube in the bottle or glass.

  • Sit in a correct position like you would speak or sing and keep your neck long.

  • Place the tube in the mouth between the teeth and above the tongue, which lies relaxed in the mouth.

  • Enclose the tube with your lips and relax your jaw.

  • Inhale through the nose with an open throat. (yawning feeling)

  • Your belly goes inwards.


  • Use bubbling as the very first warm-up and / or as a cooling down before your performance. Do it long enough in advance when using it as a warm-up so that you definitely don’t have to cough up mucus during your performance. As a warm-up, it is most advisable to bubble after the stretching and breathing exercises, but before your speaking and / or singing exercises.

Read more? “The Voice Bible”, Chapter 4: Voting Tips & Voting Problems. Check out a #Badass Bubble Workout here! Good luck! Tiffany Veys

Tiffany Veys, Head vocal coach

Do you already have the SOVT-Trainer?


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Tiffany Veys, Head vocal coach

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