Our breath is with us without interruption, from birth to the moment we take our last breath. Yet many people breathe unconsciously throughout their lives and therefore sometimes not in the right way. Relaxed breathing therefore sometimes seems an art. By following breath coaching or breath therapy you will learn to find the power of your breath and to use it in your daily life. When you start integrating the correct breathing every day, you will experience many benefits. The breathing is more than just inhaling and exhaling, it is the bridge between body and mind. Eastern forms of movement such as yoga, tai chi and chi kung, as well as mindfulness and other forms of meditation, have been understanding the connection between mind and body and our breathing for longer than today. Just think for yourself: when you are tense, you will mainly breathe short and high in the chest, while breathing slowly and low when you are sitting comfortably in the seat. With stress, anxiety or anger, your breathing rhythm will accelerate, while you hold your breath when you are startled or perform an action. Your breathing follows YOU. Your breathing follows YOUR state of mind. But the reverse is also true: teach YOU to breathe your breath, then emotions and tensions will decrease and you will feel fresh, energized and relaxed again. Learning to breathe consciously takes away stress, improves resistance, improves balance and improves overall health. The basis of a healthy life.

We initiate respiratory coaching with an intake interview and an extensive respiratory examination. During the respiratory examination we will do a breath test, we test your tension level of your muscles and we measure your heart rate, heart rhythm and heart coherence through a biofeedback program. At the basis of this we put together a personal treatment process. During the first session you will also receive basic exercises and general tips to take home to learn to consciously deal with your breathing, body and mindset.

Mind The Voice works according to a holistic vision. The Mind The Voice method is a broad vision and philosophy that connects voice, body and mind. That vision is translated into any treatment or coaching. That is why we use treatment on as many facets as possible:

  • “Mind” (relaxation exercises: mindfulness, heart coherence training, relaxation exercises, …)
  • “Mind” (reprogramming your mind and boosting your self-confidence through mental coaching)
  • “Body” (breathing techniques, breath support, mid-drift training)
  • “Body” (massage, kinesio taping, yoga, …)

In addition, we provide many experience-oriented tips to easily convert everything into your daily life so that there is a connection between “mind” & “body”. Reprogramming your mind through mental coaching

  • Tension-related complaints: hyperventilation, feeling of tension, fatigue, headache, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), sleep problems, burnout, concentration problems, …
  • Psychological problems: fears, depression, …
  • Functional problems: voice problems, posture and breathing problems, back and neck complaints, chronic pain, CANS (Complaints arm, neck shoulder), poor trunk balance, fibromyalgia, whiplash, …
  • Problems with physical cause that can lead to stress, such as COPD, asthma, heart complaints and other chronic conditions

The heart is one of the most important organs of the human body. It is also an important information processing center that sends important signals to the brain and the rest of the body. By means of simple techniques we will learn to regulate the heart rhythm, which creates heart coherence: the regular and rhythmic beating of your heart. With a high heart coherence you feel happy, relaxed and in flow. With high heart coherence, the heart gives the message to the brain that everything is “okay” (a very important aid in eg acute hyperventilation). Training your heart coherence balances your autonomic nervous system and thereby reduces stress and tension-related complaints. High heart coherence has a stress-reducing effect and therefore indirectly boosts your self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of happiness. Heart coherence training is done via a biofeedback system. We will teach you how to put yourself in a state of high heart coherence and how to integrate it into your daily life. At every coaching session we measure your progress through our biofeedback system.

Breathing high can have many causes: stress, tension around the diaphragm, an unhealthy posture, “overbreathing” with chronic hyperventilation … When you often breath high, you are likely to create a lot of tension around the neck and shoulders. We can remove that tension or blockages by applying easy grips / massage techniques around the neck and shoulders and / or taping the muscles that affect this area. That is why we also use treatment with breath coaching through massage, kinesio taping and physical exercises. If this is not enough, we will refer you to our external Mind The Voice team for osteopathy or physiotherapy. Through a complete approach to the tense areas, the muscles will regain their original tone, making breathing in the abdomen easier again.

Autogenous training is a very effective relaxation method. By means of car suggestions you will experience a deep intense relaxation of body and mind. Followed by exercises aimed at the relaxation of various body functions such as heart rate, breathing and digestion. Autogenic training is the perfect treatment for people who suffer from stress-related complaints / tension complaints, such as feelings of restlessness, irritability, stress, insomnia, fear of failure, … Especially complaints such as hyperventilation, high blood pressure, stomach and intestinal disorders (irritable bowel syndrome), tension headaches, … can be favorably influenced by autogenous training. Autogenous training is also used in the breath therapy and breath coaching sessions.


  • Session 1: Intake interview and research. After this session, your coach will put together a personal treatment process.
  • From session 2: treatment consisting of:
    • breathing exercises / relaxation exercises
    • autogenous training
    • cardiac coherence training
    • possible postural correction by means of. kinesio taping
    • massage techniques / kinesio taping for reducing tension around neck and shoulders
    • personal coaching + homework.

Rate: € 60 / session. Book your intake interview and breath test now and start with the basis of a healthy life.

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