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COMEDY@MTV – Jeroen Verdick

december 8 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm CET

Mind The Voice! Why didn’t I go earlier?! After 12 years of experience in the music business, I found Mind the Voice and the Mind The Voice method. 

Not only has my singing improved, but I have also been coached on a variety of skills.

Every session with Tiffany is different and tailored to my specific needs. Mind The Voice helps you to achieve your goals and ambitions, by enlarging your talent and taking you one step further.

Tiffany, you’re my rock!

As a recording and performing artist I really noticed how the Mind the Voice method helped me to improve my vocal skills. Tiffany Veys has been coaching me for several years now and the things I have learned while working with her definitely paid off on the road and during studio recordings. 

I’ve worked with several other vocal coaches before and I must say that the way Mind the Voice combines vocal techniques with mindset exercises and physical tension relief is ,without any doubt, the best possible way singers in any genre can be coached.

I’ve been singing for years but since being coached by Tiffany I see my potential growing a lot in an immensely short time. Before getting to know her and her vocal method, I stagnated at one point. I even had the impression that I sometimes deteriorated. She looks for the exercises that work best for you to boost my technique to the maximum, because she doesn’t believe in limits. She boosts your mindset. She ensures that your body is ‘performance-ready’ and selects the exercises that are best for you as a vocal performer, so that you turn your weaknesses into strengths. She’s a powerwoman!