How about your “line”? ;-)


& & Do you know that moment when a brilliant idea suddenly pops into your mind? You know, as if the idea then literally "falls-into-you"? Or one of those days when you're soaked in creativity? Or those moments when you absolutely don't have to search for your words but the words flow through you exactly? Yes? These are your peak moments! At the same time: do you also recognize that feeling of disorientation and a "foggy" head? A state of imbalance, tremors, restlessness? Or a lack of clarity in your thoughts? Sometimes it can be so [...]

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“Tune your voice? Is it possible?”


Yes, it's possible! I use a collection of tuning forks developed for body therapy. Think of it as a collection of little vitamins, the frequency of which you can resonate throughout a body Deficiency of vitamin 136.10 Hz? Then your body will experience a lot of stress in the chest area, and your breathing will become difficult. Deficiency of vitamin 194.18 Hz? Then you're undoubtedly walking around with your head in the clouds or constantly residing in your brain. After a few minutes of 194.18 Hz, you'll feel your body becoming heavier and more relaxed again. Are you experiencing digestive problems [...]

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SINGINGMAG 10 MIN YOGA FOR THE VOICE WORKOUT If you want to be immersed in exercises for the mind and body that influence your voice, you should definitely take the time to join me in the Singing Gym series.  Then repeat a few exercises from this series every day or do the series from scratch every now and then for a yoga for the voice reset. Good luck! GO TO SINGING GYM BONUS VIDEOS On top of that I also have two bonus videos for you. One [...]

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Bubbling for the voice ?! Lax Vox ?! An effective way to restore your voice!


PONYTALES BUBBLING FOR THE VOICE!? RECOVER YOUR VOICE WITH LAX VOX! Many singers know it, many singers use it. The famous bubbling through a tube! Bubbling through a tube is an effective and efficient way to relax and recover your voice when you have overused it or when you are sick. You might also know it by the name "Lax Vox". Lax Vox literally means 'relaxation of the voice' and is a voice therapy for both speakers and singers. It works very simply. You sing or make sound through a tube that is partially submerged in water. [...]

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