Relax your voice

Muscle tension around the neck, throat, larynx, shoulders and back can (in) directly cause hoarseness or fatigue in the voice. In addition, speaking or singing intensively can also cause muscle tension in the same areas, causing you to lose your voice control in the longer term. Do you suffer from hoarseness, sore throat, increased muscle tension, difficulty speaking, difficulty singing high / low notes or are you as a speaker or singer intensively involved with your voice? Then a voice massage is the right treatment for you.

Mind The Voice developed various voice massages to rebalance your voice, body and mind. After the voice massage your voice will sound freer, warmer and relaxed and your voice muscles will feel completely relaxed. Atmospheric lighting and music in our relaxation room complete the zen atmosphere.

You can choose between 3 voice massages of 60 minutes:

  • Voice Massage Basic

A deep voice massage combined with kinesio taping for the voice. (€ 60)

  • Voice Massage Mind

A relaxing voice massage (of the areas around the neck, shoulders, throat & larynx) combined with a relaxation exercise for deep relaxation of mind & body. (60 €)

  • Voice Massage Body

A relaxing voice massage (of the areas around the neck, shoulders, throat & larynx) combined with a back massage with oil. (65 €)

  • USE

    • Voice complaints: fatigue, hoarseness, sore throat, increased muscle tension in the throat.
    • Difficulty during speaking or singing at a loud volume.
    • Difficulty singing high and / or low notes.
    • Intensive or frequent use of the voice as a speaker or singer.
    • Relaxation after exercise, because intensive speaking or singing = TOP SPORT!

    • Deep relaxation of the voice muscles.
    • Free feeling and relaxation in the throat.
    • Voice quality improvement.
    • Reduce sore throat.
    • Speaking and / or singing is easier again.
    • More warmth in the voice color.
    • Swallow, speak effortlessly