Singing through tubes is a technique that can work wonders for the voice and is commonly referred to as “SOVT training.” Individuals familiar with the world of vocal training have likely discovered various methods of tube singing, including singing through a tube in a water bottle, using a straw, or using the SOVT Trainer developed by Mind The Voice.

How is SOVT training beneficial for the voice?

SOVT training is highly regarded in the world of vocal practice due to its proven effectiveness. However, it’s crucial to use the various tools available correctly to reap its benefits. That’s why it’s important to understand exactly what it can do for your voice.

SOVT is an abbreviation for “semi-occluded vocal tract,” which means partially closing off the vocal tract during vocal exercises.

The concept is simple: excessive lung pressure is a common cause of voice problems, leading to throat tension, hoarseness, poor sound conversion, limited breath support, and breath control. By partially closing the vocal tract during vocal exercises, the lung pressure is reduced, creating an opposing pressure or resistance. This equilibrium of air pressure at the top and bottom of the vocal cords facilitates healthy and perfect vibration of the cords, making it easier to produce both low and high tones, resulting in a clearer voice.

As a result, your vocal cords are able to vibrate more easily, leading to better vocal cord closure and a clearer voice. Additionally, your breathing control is balanced, making speaking or singing feel easier. After practicing SOVT exercises, you’ll notice a decrease in hoarseness and an overall improvement in your vocal performance.

Various types of SOVT training exercises

There are different ways to do SOVT exercises, such as singing through the SOVT Trainer, singing through tubes, bubbling, lax vox, lip trilling, or singing on a zzz. All of them have their benefits for your voice. All these exercises are helpful in partially closing your vocal tract and therefore help to some extent to learn to control your breathing and to make your vocal cords close/vibrate.

About bubbling or lax vox

When bubbling, a tube with a diameter of 9-12 mm and a length of 30 to 35 cm is used. This tube is immersed 1, 2, or 3 cm into a bottle of water to create resistance. The deeper the tube is inserted into the water, the more resistance is created. If you don’t have a tube yet, there are different options. Official Lax Vox tubes are available, but you can also go to a local DIY store to have an aquarium tube cut to size. This is not only cheaper but also works perfectly. If you follow voice coaching at Mind The Voice, you even get a free tube.

The birth of the SOVT-Trainer

It’s time to introduce my husband, Kris Van Roy, into the story. Kris is not only my spouse, but also the managing director of Mind The Voice and CTO at WOLF44. He is known for his technical skills and is always open to developing new ideas.

He came up with a tube with four holes of 2 mm diameter each, inspired by a recorder. This way, you can create different resistances for the voice by closing off the holes, allowing you to practice even more intensively than with plastic straws.

So, the SOVT-Trainer is the answer to smaller diameters.

With the SOVT-Trainer Original, the smallest diameter is 2 mm and there are four holes, so you can close off one, two, three, or no holes, each providing a different resistance. If you close off the last holes at the length of the tube or the first holes, it will also have different effects on your breathing. Singing through a longer tube requires more airflow than through a shorter one. With the SOVT-Trainer, you can practice at 15 different levels. A brilliant idea, Kris!

The benefits of the SOVT-Trainer

Vocal magic!

The SOVT-Trainer is often described as a miraculous little instrument, but the best way to experience it is by trying it out yourself! This trainer has a voice restoring, activating, and optimizing function, depending on how you use it. But before you start training, just this:


There are two versions of the SOVT-Trainer: the “original” and the “PRO”.

The PRO has only two holes and consists of the final level of the SOVT-Trainer original with a 2mm hole, but it is also upgraded with an additional 1.2mm hole. This level can be quite challenging, as using too much air can make you “blow up”.

However, the advantage is that you can only use the correct vocal setting, breath control, and perfect vocal cord vibration, which can also help you expand your vocal range for singers.

Many public speakers and singers now swear by the SOVT-Trainer and use it primarily for vocal warm-ups, including famous artists such as Max Colombie (Oscar & The Wolf), Mathieu Terryn (Bazart), Helmut Lotti, Coely, Jasper Steverlinck, Ramkot, Evil Invaders, Camille, Metejoor, and Olivia Trappeniers.

I highly recommend it to everyone!


It’s time to start with the SOVT-Trainer! In the videos below, I’ll give you a preview, but there’s much more to discover.

On the SOVT-Trainer website, you can find a comprehensive manual and a playlist of audio exercises to get started.

We also offer workshops and private coaching, both online and in-person, in Dutch or English. Want more information about this? Contact us via the contact form.

Good luck!

Tiffany Veys, Head vocal coach



Tiffany Veys, Head vocal coach

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