Let go of wanting to sing beautifully … and you’ll sing beautifully!

When I sing in front of an audience it is never the same as when I sing at home in the shower. “A phenomenon that every singer knows. The less hard we try and the more we are relaxed, the better it goes! Why is this?

Singing is like the laws of life.

As I mentioned in my first book, singing is like the laws of life. Do you know the feeling that when you are looking for a lover, you don’t find one and when you stop looking, everything suddenly falls together like a puzzle? The rule also applies that if you hold on too hard to be able to sing a certain note, there will be too much tension around your throat and your stomach will no longer move flexibly. This makes your voice sound pinched and you’ll sing flat, without any feeling. Because, the more effort you put in, the more you increase the idea of ​​“effort”. More effort gives more tension and more tension is of course not conducive to the muscle tension around your throat! Learning to let go while singing is the message!

What is the use of singing technique when you actually have to learn to let go while singing?

I also have an answer to that: very simple: you practice techniques to train your muscle memory. However, when you are in the singing lesson and you try very hard to “hold” everything from your mind and understand things “intellectually”, your process to learn to sing better slows down: You sing with your voice . => Your voice is in your body. => So it goes without saying that you have to learn to make better contact with your body in order to get your instrument – your voice – under control. For that reason it is not going to work to try to control and understand everything from your mind. So here the rule applies: be aware of the feeling in your body while singing in the singing lesson. After singing a sentence you can try to reason mentally about what you have felt emotionally. But not the other way around!

Getting more in touch with your body is essential to learn to sing better.

Singing training is basically awareness training of your body. What do I mean by this? When you train, you must therefore stay close to your body and feel what is happening. Sing an exercise or phrase slowly and “consciously” and feel how everything moves along. (your feet, your legs, your chest, your diaphragm, your stomach, your throat, your neck, your shoulders, …) You will notice that your whole body is “singing along”! Not just those two vocal cords. After all, to get those two vocal cords to vibrate healthy, many muscles have to work together in sync! 🙂 You can compare it with a guitar: you need the whole voice-box to produce a beautiful sound, not just the strings. It is the same with our body, so learning to control your voice can only be done by getting more in touch with your body.

Let go of wanting to sing beautifully … and you’ll sing beautifully!

Do you understand the contradiction? You want to sound SO good, you try SO hard and as a result you get an EVEN more tense sound, which makes you sound less good! So don’t focus on the blockages, don’t think about the difficult notes, but focus on the entire structure of the song. Feel the emotion and let your sound flow. Still finding it difficult to comprehend? Then do the following visualization exercise: Go back to those very first musical experiences where you sang because you just “liked” it and not inorder to achieve. How did it feel to be so “into” your music and be happy when you sang? Blissful, right? Can you imagine how easy it is to sing when you just have fun and don’t THINK about it? Yeps! That’s what I mean! Thinking is the opposite of feeling with your body, so when you do not think, when you leave your urge to perform, you will sing with FLOW and there will be no throat tension 🙂 Take the test and you will hear and feel what I mean! “Doing your best” without “holding on” is the trick.

Law of attraction

He who “seeks” finds is not true as far as I am concerned. Search = tension = effort. How many times have I seen people looking for their glasses or car keys while just holding them in their hand? If you know the law of attraction, then you know that you always have to tune in to what you do want. Searching by definition means that you “don’t have something yet”. Searching for a more beautiful voice, looking for how I sing that high note, looking for performances, looking for likes, looking for more recognition, … All this creates dissatisfaction in yourself and therefore more tension. Tune in to “find” (in our case: singing in flow, singing because it makes you happy, sharing your message with your audience because you just love it) and the magic will happen! Check out the following videos where I talk about FINDING (not searching!) Your unique VOICE!

I would like to finish with a “mind-body-voice exercise”!

Before you start singing and while singing you will become aware of your body through the following tricks. Take your time for this. Put your thinking and aside and feel!

  • Button 1 (stability): Feel your stability: feel your feet on the ground, feel grounded, feel that when your knees are loose, your pelvis is also more relaxed. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles slightly and feel how you are more centered in your abdominal region. (Your pelvic floor muscles are connected with your diaphragm, but also with your hyoid bone (one of the three cartilages in your larynx). So you sing with your whole body!)
    • Button 2 (breath support): From your stability you feel a connection to your stomach. Feel your belly move in and your flanks and lower back tighten as you sing.
    • Button 3 (space): From your flanks and lower back you straighten your spine, activate the muscles in your upper back and your neck muscles. By activating it, there will be no throat tension, but “space” in your throat, but also room to resonate more.
    • Button 4 (sound projection): You send the sound towards the shout zone (backwards, if you feel throat tension), so that you get a feeling of a free and open sound. So you sing exactly to an audience that is behind you instead of to the front!
    Good luck finding your flow!

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