Personal coaching and mind-body-voice expertise that makes the difference.

β€œStop the halfway. Let’s go all the way.”

Unique philosophy and methodology.


TIFV stands for “Tiffany Veys” and for “Transformation, Integration, Focus, and Vision,” where the letters represent my coaching approach:

  • Transformation: Striving for transformation and growth on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.
  • Integration: Taking a holistic approach to coaching, integrating all aspects within the coaching process.
  • Focus: Emphasizing your specific goals and objectives.
  • Vision: Adopting a helicopter view and encouraging a broader perspective on life and personal development.

Above all: Providing personal coaching and mind-body-voice expertise that makes a difference.


Everyone has deeply rooted beliefs or limiting patterns. However, you can also reduce the emotional charge of these patterns to zero. This way, you can transform into your most self-assured, powerful self. You are in charge. Not your thoughts or emotions.


Balancing and integrating your mind, body, emotions, and energy. By working on the integration and alignment of these four pillars, your growth is stimulated on every level, and everything falls into place more than ever before.


Creating clarity about your goals, values, and priorities. With a focused and effective approach, we take steps to achieve your desired results and fully unleash your pure potential.


Vision is key. Knowing who you are. With a helicopter view, we identify where your obstacles lie and how you can harness your pure potential as an individual or within your professional life. Together, we devise a strategy based on your personal blueprint or DNA.

“A holistic approach in a non-spiritual manner.”

15 years and counting

Mind The Voice

For 15 years now, together with my team, I have been sharing my expertise and passion through Mind The Voice, the leading vocal institute in Belgium, based on my core philosophy and methodology that connects mind, body, and voice.

At Mind The Voice, we go beyond just voice training and vocal coaching. We emphasize developing a strong mindset and promoting a healthy body.

Thanks to this holistic approach, I have had the privilege of coaching and guiding many top artists.

With TIFV, I enthusiastically share my philosophy with a broader audience:

Not only vocalists but also coaches, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, educators, caregivers, teachers, therapists, medical professionals, performers, artists, athletes, comedians, speakers, parents, youth, students, and anyone who wants to maximize their pure potential. Everyone can benefit from my new ideas and philosophy in coaching and “resets.”

Moreover, “vocal coaching” is upgraded with a top-sport approach, including vocal reset, vocal technique coaching, vocal sound coaching, and vocal performance coaching.


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